12-year-old girl, 20-year-old woman eliminated in fort Worth hit-and-run

fort Worth police room hoping someone has information about the driver involved in a hit and also run on I-20 that killed two people, including a 12-year-old girl.

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37 mins ago

Fort worth PD: 11-year-old boy killed while cross freeway to be headed to shopping center

Investigators to speak the boy was v two other kids when he to be hit through a automobile while trying to cross the southbound lanes of the six-lane freeway. Investigators now think the youngsters were heading towards a shopping across the freeway.

4 work ago

Beloved Dallas theatre teacher eliminated in web traffic accident

Dallas police say 43-year-old note Guerra was killed when one more driver veered right into his roadway on Ferguson Road, hitting his car and also causing him to crash right into a irradiate pole.

5 work ago

11-year-old eliminated after being hit by automobile while crossing fort Worth freeway

fort Worth police speak an 11-year-old young was eliminated Wednesday ~ he and also two others tried to cross Loop 820.

5 days ago

Man and son hurt roadway rage shoot on 635 in Balch Springs

A shooting that injured a man and his teenage kid on a busy North Texas highway top top Tuesday is being investigated together a situation of road rage.

October 21

Two injured after shooting, crash ~ above 635 in Balch Springs

Two people were injured, consisting of a minor, following a shooting on Highway 635 just before rush hour. It occurred on 635 near Lake June road in Balch Springs at around 4:45 p.m. Tuesday.

October 19

Man arrested because that DWI complying with crash that injured two civilization in Dallas

Dallas police said a guy was arrested for DWI after a crash in much North Dallas at an early stage Sunday morning that sent out two civilization to the hospital.

October 17

6-year-old remains hospitalized after ~ crash that led to the deaths of she sister, mother

A 6-year-old girl is still in the hospital after making it through a horrific crash critical month in Erath County, close to Stephenville.

October 16

Man fatally to win while checking on crash victims on I-35 in Dallas

A 23-year-old male was eliminated while check on human being who were involved in a crash on I-35 in Dallas early on Saturday morning.

October 16

Man, pregnant woman, baby die complying with crash in Arlington; 1 arrest made

A man, a pregnant woman, and also her baby that was delivered at the hospital passed away following a crash Saturday morning near the Arlington/Mansfield city line.

October 16

Man die in overnight rollover crash in Dallas

A 56-year-old man died in a rollover crash overnight Friday in Dallas.

October 9

Woman in wheelchair seriously hurt in Denton hit-and-run

A mrs in a wheelchair is gift treated for major injuries at a hospital after gift struck in a hit-and-run crash Saturday night in Denton.

September 26

Woman charged v intoxication manslaughter for crash including Fed Ex semi-truck

A 21-year-old woman has actually been charged v intoxication manslaughter for a fatal crash that associated a Fed Ex semi-truck Friday night.

September 18

9-year-old boy die after gift struck by automobile in cool Prairie parking lot

A 9-year-old boy passed away after he was struck through a auto in grand Prairie Saturday afternoon.

September 12

Fiery 18-wheeler crash shuts down I-635 in Mesquite

A fiery crash involving an 18-wheeler shut down a significant highway in Mesquite Thursday morning.

September 9

Man arrested for intoxication manslaughter after ~ fiery crash that eliminated 2 in Garland

Garland police arrested a 30-year-old man who they claimed was drunk when he resulted in a fiery crash that led to the deaths the two human being early Sunday morning.

September 5

Mustang driver dies in fiery Dallas crash, passenger operation away, witnesses say

Witnesses stated a male in a Ford Mustang took off after that crashed into a utility pole ~ above Midway Road. One more man"s human body was discovered in the auto after firefighters placed out the flames.

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September 3

DART’s redrawn bus routes and also updated service arrangement to begin next year

because that the past year, DART has been working on a setup to upgrade its bus routes. The new routes and also schedules will begin in January.

September 2