Billy Chemirmir trial: Jury now deliberating after ~ closing disagreements completed

Prosecutors finished laying the end their situation Thursday in the trial because that an accused phibìc Texas serial killer. Your witnesses proved jurors records suggesting Billy Chemirmir was near the victim"s residence at the moment of she death.

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Couple that aided refugee family make it out of Afghanistan gets to satisfy them at DFW Airport

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North Texas school districts struggling to to fill teacher vacancies

native Dallas ISD to fort Worth ISD and beyond, districts are supplying some large incentives in wishes of attracting and also retaining teachers.

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FOX bet Super 6: NFL mainly 11 choose to victory $100,000 because that free

all set to success $100,000 for complimentary in NFL week 11? Betting experienced Jason McIntyre provides his picks because that every FOX bet Super 6 game.

New Astroworld lawsuits ask for $2.75 billion full in damages

Two significant lawsuits seeking a complete $2.75 billion were filed this main on instead of of victim of the Astroworld tragedy, i m sorry left 10 world dead and hundreds an ext injured.

"FUNDAMENTAL JUSTICE": after 56 years, 2 males cleared in murder of Malcolm X

Two males who for years steadfastly maintained their innocence in the 1965 assassination of polite rights icon Malcolm X to be exonerated ~ above Thursday, ~ a practically two-year-long re-investigation.

US unemployment claims drop seventh right week come 268,000

U.S. Jobless cases dipped by 1,000 last week indigenous the week before to a pandemic short of 268,000, the labor Department reported Thursday.

2 Iranian hackers charged with threatening united state voters ahead of 2020 election

The indictment filed in commonwealth court in Manhattan to be unsealed on Thursday.

Fort worth food bank giving away free turkeys ahead of Thanksgiving

One food financial institution in Tarrant ar says demand is greater now than it was throughout the elevation of the pandemic in 2020. And also the it is provided chain is just making it harder come get enough food on phibìc Texas tables.

Comedian sarah Colonna return to the Addison Improv

recognized for keeping it real about love and around life, comedian, actress and best-selling author Sarah Colonna return to north Texas this weekend for numerous shows.

Trackdown: assist find male who eliminated Marvin White outside Dallas Jack in the Box

In this week’s Trackdown, a series of surveillance cameras said police exactly how an innocent man was murdered at an early stage Halloween morning in a Jack in the box parking lot.

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New Astroworld lawsuits ask for $2.75 billion complete in damages

Two significant lawsuits search a full $2.75 billion to be filed this mainly on instead of of victims of the Astroworld tragedy, i m sorry left 10 people dead and hundreds much more injured.