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October 14

Could winning the lottery make you miserable?

The LION team discusses whether or no winning the $800M+ jackpot would certainly make lock happy or miserable.

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January 20

Thief scolds mom prior to stealing car

A car thief in Oregon paused long sufficient to great a mommy who left her son in she car.

January 18

Sue Palka"s huge entrance

FOX 5"s Sue Palka makes one more epic enntrance gate on choose it or Not.

November 19, 2020

Student Loan Forgiveness push

President selected Joe Biden states he would prefer to view student loan forgiveness of up to $10,000.

November 18, 2020

The One and Only Ivan cast talks to Kevin McCarthy

FOX 5"s Kevin McCarthy sits down with the actors of The One and also Only Ivan on Lights, Camera, McCarthy.

respectable 21, 2020

Ellicott City featured top top "Gordon Ramsay"s 24 hours to Hell and also Back"

FOX 5’s Kevin McCarthy had the chance to speak through Gordon Ramsay top top the upcoming display "24 hours to Hell and Back" special Ellicott City.

may 12, 2020

Bungled caucuses litter Iowa’s relevance for a loop

democracy in Iowa are blaming irregularities because that Monday’s fail to recognize a winner in the autonomous caucus. Democratic strategists Kevin Walling and Isaac Wright joined Jim Lokay ~ above The final 5 to sweet in top top what’s ideal for the party, the candidates, and the future the the caucuses.

February 4, 2020

Amanda Knox"s Wedding Registry

four years after she to be acquitted that murder, Amanda Knox is acquiring married and she"s asking not asking because that gifts, yet for human being going to the wedding, and also those no going, to help pay because that the big day. Like It Or Not?

July 23, 2019

Angie Goff provides her "Like the Or Not" debut

FOX 5"s Angie Goff makes her first appearance in the beloved fourth chair on "Like the Or Not." She will certainly officially offer as co-host top top July 8th.

June 12, 2019

Stormy Daniels featured in "Vogue" shoot -- bowl on time with Trump

Stormy Daniels looks because that vindication together a attribute in the latest issue of "Vogue" -- the adult film star appears in a $4,000 Zac Posen gown. The adult movie star bowl on the details of her time invested with president Donald Trump throughout their alleged affair.

respectable 29, 2018

A look at FOX 5"s like It Or Not through Nick Smith

Nick Smith, man Lambert, Britt McHenry, Marina Maracco, and also Bram Weinstein food on the recent headlines top top FOX 5"s newest show. FOX5"s prefer It Or not premiers Monday night in ~ 7 p.m.

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July 23, 2018

Like the Or not debuts Friday at 10:30

It"s practically here! favor It Or no is a brand-new recap of her week, however it"s not your typical news program. Hosts Bram Weinstein, Britt McHenry and Guy Lambert provide us a preview the what to suppose in the debut ~ above FOX 5 tonight.

in march 2, 2018