Atlanta motorist cases GDOT slow-moving to resolve pothole that damaged his car

A subway Atlanta motorist claimed he hit a car-sized series of potholes on federal government 85 that caused thousands that dollars in damage to his vehicle.

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18 hrs ago

Three dead after train strikes van on monitor in Monroe County, deputies say

Three people are dead after being struck by a train in ~ a personal crossing in Monroe county on Wednesday evening.

6 work ago

Truck advice over, spilling cases of alcohol on NC highway

The Winston-Salem Police room in north Carolina had to shut down a stretch the highway because that several hrs to clean up the debris.

November 8

Businesses experiencing with demolition the Cheshire bridge Road set to begin

A section of Cheshire Bridge roadway was severely damaged in one overnight fire in August and also has to be closed ever before since. It can take at least a year prior to it"s finished.

November 7

Police view 54% rise in hit and run crashes in Duluth

between January and October of this year, Duluth Police claimed they"ve seen a 54% boost hit and also runs compared to the very same time in 2020.They said many of these incidents take place along Peachtree commercial Boulevard and also Pleasant Hill Road.

November 5

Lanes re-open after crash closes Highway 316 eastbound, GDOT says

The Georgia department of Transportation stated an occurrence on the ramp connecting interstate 85 northbound to Ga. Highway 316 closed all eastbound lanes before Sugarloaf Parkway.

October 30

"Work remotely if possible starting Friday": Cobb warns of hefty traffic early out to world Series

Cobb county is issuing a warning come commuters to work-related remotely this Friday as the area plays host to the World series and a large convention.

October 28

Drivers might see some relief in ~ the pump, skilled says

National typical price because that a gallon of consistent gasoline is about $3.36

October 25

Georgia to spend $3.6M on new I-16 leg at crash site

Georgia highway officials have awarded a $3.58 million contract to change an interstate 16 leg that to be demolished after ~ a truck hit that in July.

October 22

Massive tractor-trailer fire shuts down I-285 in east Point, 1 injured

A massive car fire entailing three tractor-trailers and also a SUV shut under all lanes of interstate 285 in Fulton ar Thursday morning. Chauffeurs should expect major delays.

October 21

Police confirm guy was eliminated in Lithonia wreck

A wreck in Lithonia left a guy dead ~ above Tuesday morning, according to DeKalb county Police investigators.

October 19

Drivers shut down busy Atlanta bridge, near I-85 to carry out stunts

Stunt chauffeurs shut under Peachtree Street Bridge near I-85 early Sunday morning. The bridge connect Buckhead and Midtown. The occasion is component of a constant problem that metro Atlanta regulation enforcement agencies have been working to crack down on.

October 18

Serious wreck closed I-85 southbound lanes in Atlanta for hours, police say

Police shut under Interstate 85 south for hours overnight after number of vehicles were connected in a major wreck.

October 17

Smyrna police shut under Windy Hill road overnight adhering to fatal wreck

Police investigated a fatal destructive that developed in the westbound lanes of publicly Hill Road, west of town Parkway.

October 17

Driver arrested because that DUI complying with crash v "serious injuries" in Duluth

Duluth police are investigating this crash including two vehicles and at least one serious injury.

October 10

Woman recovering ~ falling 30 feet off an interstate overpass

A mrs is recovering ~ a terrifying collection of occasions that resulted in her to autumn off an federal government overpass.

October 8

Man fee after woman introduced 30-feet off I-85 overpass, GSP says

Horace Maurice Dillard, Jr., was booked right into the Fulton ar jail ~ above Monday after Georgia State Patrol troopers claimed he struck two vehicles and also forced one stranded motorist to loss from an interstate 85 overpass if he to be racing an additional car along the busy highway.

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October 6

Water revived after main break creates sinkhole impacting 170 dwellings in Cobb County

A water key break on Ben King road in Cobb ar is impacting 170 homes and also two schools in the area. Officials speak repairs can take hours.

October 6