WBRC 6 News is a Fox-affiliate news channel operation at virtual CH 6 and also providing services to Birmingham/Anniston/Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Together a licensee of Birmingham-Alabama, the network functions under the property of Gray Television. Fox 6 News Birmingham AL is the extensive and also most trusted source of neighborhood news, WBRC Weather, national news, local coverage, sports, entertainment and also much more. Meanwhile, the channel also offers numerous community-related services such as Absolutely Alabama, Magic City Weekend, heart of Alabama, presents for children Angel Tree, rising Star and Open for Business. Fox 6 Weather Birmingham Alabama features Sky Vision, just how to regime Weather Radio, WBRC Weather Radar, iHeart Radio Stations, Hurricane central and Behind the Front. Accessibility the WBRC 6 News coverage over your neighborhood cable service, over-the-air or online via WBRC live stream. The station uses a branding “WBRC Fox 6 News” and catchphrase “6 on her side” for the newscast.

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“Homicide Maps” through WBRC 6 News pinpoints the homicides that emerged in North main over the year. The map has several counties such as Blunt, Bibb, Clay, Etowah, Hale and others. That “First Alert severe Weather Policy” it is provided the appropriate public security protocols to the community until the hazard fades away. It contains providing a consistent coverage typically while interrupting the constant transmission. Every year, WBRC News introduce a “Gifts for youngsters Angel Tree” program in association through Salvation Army. The program’s mission is to supply gifts to the foster kids during Christmas, so that they additionally can gain the occasion to your fullest.

Watch WBRC 6 News Live Stream

Watch the Fox6 breaking News Birmingham Al, WBRC Weather, sports and also entertainment content concerned Birmingham and its bordering regions, in addition to community story via WBRC live stream. Audience can additionally enjoy investigative journalism, politics discussion, recent videos, election Results, main Alabama News, first Alert weather reports and educational stuff. Role down and click the beat button, don’t be hasty and also wait for the stream to load and also enjoy the HD streaming organization of WBRC News.

The studios basic of WBRC News is positioned on the top of Red Mountain, in in between Valley see Drive and Vulcan Trail, towards the southeastern side of Birmingham. Meanwhile, the network’s antenna is located in the same place. Channel 6 News Birmingham Alabama shares the transmitter building with KIH54, a neighborhood NOAA Weather Radio network. ~ above Cable, viewers can obtain the gas programming in ~ CH 7 on Charter Spectrum and CH 6 on at & t U-verse & Comcast Xfinity.

General Queries through WBRC 6 News Audience

Viewers often ask these questions related the station’s basic information, news anchors and weather personalities.

Don Lemon WBRC is an American TV news personality who works as a news correspondent for a CNN and also presented CNN tonight newscast. Before that, he offered to be a component of NBC’s programming i.e. NBC Nightly News and also Today. He began off the career together a weekend anchor ~ above several neighborhood TV channels in Pennsylvania and Alabama including the Fox 6 Birmingham Live.

Janet Hall used to it is in an eldest news reporter at WBRC 6 News who served the channel for much more than fourty years and recently made decision to retire native her services as one anchor. She fans desire to understand her age, yet it seems she don’t desire to reveal her age as we cannot find it anywhere on she social media pages consisting of Facebook, Twitter and also LinkedIn.

Tune ~ above Channel Number 6 and watch the channel’s exclusive TV shows, local news and also weather forecast over the DirecTV via WBRC live stream.

Age of zenith Rogers

Janice Rogers is a expert journalist at WBRC Fox6 great Day Alabama!. She has been a component of the team for more than 26 years and doing a good job because her joining. Her age is likewise unknown to the world.

Kelsey Davis anchored website traffic program and reported several traffic occasions at Fox 6 Birmingham Live till she left the station for a far better opportunity in ~ Fox 8 WVUE-TV together a full-time Morning Anchor. Follow to the informationcradle.com, Kelsey is 34 year old that celebrate her birthday each year on 14 May. However, her official social media accounts don’t give any type of information around her age. Hence, over there isn’t any kind of official source to check it.


WBRC 6 News first hit the air on 1 July 1949 under the call WBRC at online CH 4. The station’s initial owner was Birmingham transfer Company, own by Eliose D. Hanna; it also happened to co-own a radio network WBRC Radio. WBRC News was probably the very first TV network to success in acquiring a patent by FCC, but it was the second oldest TV media in Alabama state, launching the services simply one month later on to WAFM-TV CH 12. From 1949 to 1954, the station stayed a major NBC affiliate partner however then relocated to CBS ~ NBC closed the gates for WRBC News.

Present State that the Channel

Presently, the station operates under the affiliation that Fox network together Fox6 News Birmingham and uses the name Gray Television. Meanwhile, it telecasts 64.5 hours of locally developed news transmission ever before week. No to mention, the 4 mainly news-devoted programs with the maximum neighborhood newscast output in Alabama region. Meanwhile, the network likewise produced a high institution football present “Fox 6 sideline” that premiered as an alphabet affiliate in September 1989.

WBRC 6 News live streaming studio | Courtesy: official website

Fox6 News Birmingham live functions a regimen rising star under the sponsorship that AmFirst, America’s an initial Credit Union. That spotlights star students from the regional high colleges in central Alabama. Only the school’s teacher, counselor or principle can nominate the students and they should fulfill the forced criteria set by the program. The candidates must be great student who serves the community, maintains a 3 or above GPA and also takes part in extracurricular activities. Every week, they announce thirty winners in the program and feature castle in WBRC 6 News. The selected student then get involved in among the 5000 dollars scholarships presented by very first Credit Union.

Student’s can not directly use for the rising Star Program. As mentioned above, only the high school’s principle, teacher or counselor deserve to nominate the students. Please comment on with her guidance counselor for additional details. In case, her counselor doesn’t perfect information about the program, please ask him to send an email at frylee
LawCall show by WBRC News

WBRC LawCall is a live, thirty-minute, weekly call-in program. The show presents the an individual injury attorneys of Farris, Riley and also Pitt LLP. Moreover, it also features guest attorneys from roughly the main Alabama state, who are available to answer any of your queries on several legal topics every week.

The display receives the call LIVE from the audience every Sunday in ~ 10:30 pm. The show’s call-in segments space indorsed through Farris, Riley & Pitt, LLP.

FOX 6 WBRC Newsanchors | Credits: on facebook page

Farris, Riley and also Pitt recons the consequences and drastic effects a major injury can carry on a who life. Crippling and Incapacitating injuries deserve to not only put her life in misery however your family’s together well. Clinical coasts and hospital bills might be devastated for you; therefore, friend need aid a legal help in this regard. Hence, the just option you space left through is to take consultant indigenous LawCall.

WBRC TV News Fox6 Birmingham mobile App

With the catchphrase “6 on her side”, WBRC 6 News Mobile application provides whatever related to the north and central Alabama. User can access the WBRC NEWS content on this app easily by navigating through the friendly user-interface. It covers the complying with cities: Birmingham, Anniston, Tuscaloosa, Hoover and Gadsden.

Features through WBRC News App:

Live WBRC break News and also top storiesNotifications for headlinesStorm TrackingLive RadarSchool ClosingsSportsVideoWBRC live streamAnd much more.

The network’s separate WBRC weather application features to exclude, weather services just for the sake of Alabama community. It gives the in-depth information of radar, forecasting, Satellite images, press alert notice service, gps System and frequent weather updates.

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Channel 6 News Birmingham Alabama has actually one that the best news team comprise the proficient and also skilled news anchors, reporters and also investigative journalists. It is in the very first to recognize the news as shortly as it breaks in the area. The channel’s team earned a reputation together the “most accurate” news squad since of their excellence and distinctiveness. They constantly introduce something new and innovative come the public. Your reporting skill shas earned several awards. Mike Dubberly, Alan Collins, Randi Hildreth and also Casey Fambro are among the couple of talented individualities at WBRC 6 News.