David Onyemata - Suspension lifted Onyemata"s suspension to be lifted Tuesday, and the Saints will obtain a roster exemption for him with Nov. 1, Nick Underhill of NewOrleans.Football reports.
Impact during the offseason, Onyemata to be suspended for six gamings for violating the NFL policy on Performance-Enhancing Substances. The suspension couldn"t have come at a worst time because that the 2016 fourth-round pick, together he finished 2020 with a career-highs in tackles (44), QB hits (16) and sacks (6.5). He will look to restore that form when he joins the Saints for your Week 8 divisional clash through the Buccaneers.

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Seahawks left trying to find answers after unanticipated 2-5 start

The ahead time Pete Carroll and also the Seattle Seahawks uncovered themselves sit at 2-5, the expectation were different
Drew Brees talks relationship with Jameis Winston in 2020 Former brand-new Orleans Saints quarterback drew Brees talks partnership with quarterback Jameis Winston.

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Eat appropriate Tuesday: Calorie-Smart bowl Recipes " Saints Live well Perfect recipe choices as the Saints hold the defending super "Bowl" champs in main 8
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Brian Johnson - Gets project security ~ solid debut Johnson converted on all 3 of his kicks in Monday"s 13-10 win over the Seahawks, knocking down his lone extra-point attempt and also hitting field goals the 21 and also 33 yards.
Impact making his NFL debut Monday, Johnson ended up being the Saints" third kicker of the season after new Orleans moved on native both Aldrick Rosas and Cody Parkey. The 22-year-old wasn"t tasked with any overly daunting kicks in his first game, yet he at least came v in the clutch, together his 33-yarder v 1:56 remaining damaged a 10-10 tie. Johnson currently looks prefer he could benefit from an extensive run as the Saints" kicker; according to Jeff Duncan that The Athletic, No. 1 kicker Wil Lutz -- who has been sidelined all season adhering to core-muscle surgery in august -- announced Tuesday the he"ll continue to be on hurt reserve because that the remainder of 2021 after experiencing a setback in his return to practice last week.
Andrus Peat - Season-ending injury feared The Saints are afraid Peat has actually suffered a torn pec, Ian Rapoport the NFL Network reports.
Impact Peat was forced out the Monday"s contest against Seattle due to a pectoral injury, and also the initial diagnosis supposedly points towards a season-ending tear. Now, the team is awaiting results from one MRI to check the severity that Peat"s injury. If the standout guard is without doubt sent come the sideline because that a significant amount that time, Calvin Throckmorton will certainly stand come slot right into the beginning lineup together his replacement.

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Jim Mora " running Errands v Saints Legends new Orleans Saints legendary head coach Jim Mora recaps his NFL coaching career, postgame locker room rants, and also legacy in new Orleans with...
Black and Gold pan Fest gift by Hancock Whitney join Gumbo, Saints legend Michael Lewis, and also members of the Saints ar at fan Fest!
Wil Lutz - Rules me out for season Lutz announced Tuesday via his an individual Twitter account that he had actually a setback in his recovery from core-muscle surgery and won"t beat in 2021.
Impact after ~ Lutz underwent the procedure in beforehand August, the Saints designated him because that return from hurt reserve critical week with the hope that he would certainly be prepared to kick because that the team through midseason. Unfortunately for Lutz, that hit a snag in his recovery simply one week right into his recovery, prompting him to rule out a return because that 2021. He"ll revert to hurt reserve for the remainder of the season once his 21-day evaluation window officially pertains to a close in beforehand November, paving the means for Brian Johnson to take care of kicking duties because that the Saints moving forward. Johnson, the third different kicker the Saints have actually used this season, do his NFL debut in Monday"s 13-10 success over the Seahawks and also converted ~ above both that his field-goal attempts and also his lone extra-point try.
Saints match me Playbook: What you require to recognize for Tuesday, Oct. 26 Saints leave Seattle v a win on Monday night, look ahead to Buccaneers ~ above Sunday.