Lee leads Gray Television’s national Investigative Team. Lee additionally works as an evening News Anchor and Chief Investigative Reporter at WVUE.


Lifelong brand-new Orleanian Kim Holden is co-Anchor the FOX 8 News in ~ 5pm and 10pm. Kim joined the WVUE employee in March, 1989 as a part-time manufacturing Assistant and also worked her way up v the ranks on an unexplained career path. The took her from Producer come Reporter and also Weekend Anchor, and also eventually into management.

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Meg Gatto is one Edward R. Murrow award-winning reporter and also anchor. She joined the FOX 8 team in march 2011 and also can be seen on FOX 8 Morning Edition.


John Snell has worked in the TV news organization in brand-new Orleans because 1983. Throughout that time, he's reported on essentially every major story in Southeastern Louisiana, indigenous the 1984 World's same to the fallen of the oil industry, the Edwin Edwards trials, hurricanes and their aftermath.


Shan Bailey is the digital contents producer and also on-air personality for FOX 8 Nola Weekend. Shan is a an innovative storyteller that is passionate around creating compelling contents that connects v audiences.


Rilwan Balogun is dazzling to it is in a part of the Fox 8 News team. Rilwan is indigenous Nashville, Tennessee however excited come explore every one of Louisiana.

Shelley Brown is a brand-new Orleans area indigenous who was thrilled in ~ the opportunity to return house to join the FOX 8 News team in September 2008, which taken place to be the work after Hurricane Gustav do landfall in Louisiana.

Kelsey is humbled to be ago home and also working v the compensation winning team of journalist on Fox 8 Morning version --- man Snell, Meg Gatto, rob Krieger, Shelby Latino and Kristi Coleman -- to continue to develop on the legacy of excellence they have actually established.

Rob started his job in 2008 reporting in Baton Rouge after ~ he to be handpicked as the top reporter candidate at LSU’s Manship college of Communication. Throughout his time in Baton Rouge, Rob extended Hurricanes Gustav and Isaac, the new Orleans Saints’ Superbowl victory and also reported broadly from the coastline during the BP oil spill.

FOX 8 reporter rob Masson started his broadcasting job while in college together News Director at WLSU. This Louisiana State university grad has been covering news in brand-new Orleans because the mid-eighties, and has been v FOX 8 because 1994.

Liz Reyes is an award winning anchor and also reporter. She anchors the weekday Fox 8 Noon News and the 4pm evening weekday Newscasts. Before that she anchored Fox 8 Morning Edition. She has actually called brand-new Orleans house for 19 years and considers herself part of the complicated "gumbo mix" the this great city.

Josh Roberson to be born and also raised in Shreveport, Louisiana. After reporting at KSLA News 12, he set his emphasis on his favourite city of brand-new Orleans. After ~ falling in love v the sights, sounds, and tastes that the big Easy native a young age, mock knew that was eventually the location he would speak to home.

Amanda is exceptionally excited it is in a component of the Fox 8 News team. She is a Nashville, Tennessee native with strong ties come the brand-new England North; she’s currently happy to have actually made it to what her family and also friends describe as the “Deep South."

Emmy and local Murrow compensation winning reporter, Natasha Robin to be born and also raised in St. Young name Parish. She began her job right right here at FOX 8 News at simply 17years old as a manufacturing Assistant.

An award winning journalist whose work-related as been known at both the national and local level, Sabrina has covered nearly every story imaginable. Sabrina is a member of the nationwide Association of black color Journalists, Investigative Reporters and also Editors, and the brand-new Orleans press Club and also has mentored several aspiring journalists.

David is a Certified broadcast Meteorologist (CBM) and also member that the American Meteorological Society. The CBM is the highest possible accreditation a broadcast meteorologist can attain. The is likewise a member of the national Weather Association and a former member the the AMS board of broadcast Meteorology.

To be residence in the city ns love giving you a weather estimate is yes, really a dream come true.Most meteorologists will certainly tell girlfriend their interest in weather began at a young ageand i was no different. Cultivation up ~ above the West Bank, i can't remember a time in mine lifeI didn't love everything about the weather.

Bruce handles the 12pm and also 4pm weathercasts. He to be awarded his tv broadcasting Seal that Approval indigenous The American Meteorological culture in 1990, AMS Seal #612.

Shelby is a proud Bulldog together she i graduated from Fontainebleau High School, then attended Mississippi State university to knife her degree in expert Meteorology.

Nicondra began her broadcasting career in 1999 through WAKA, the CBS affiliate, in Montgomery, AL. She spent nearly six year in Alabama together weekend, then later, morning meteorologist. She is a proud member that the American Meteorological Society, The nationwide Weather Association and The national Association of black Journalists.

Sean Fazende joined FOX 8 sports in 2008, then full-time in 2009, and also is now the longest tenured reporter in the sporting activities department. Born in new Orleans, elevated in Terrytown, Sean checked out Brother young name high school and also LSU. His first job the end of college to be at HTV in Houma climate spent four years together a producer at one more local station.

Chris is living a dream come true v the Fox 8 sports team in brand-new Orleans. As a Slidell native and Slidell High institution alum, he thrived up top top the highs and lows that Saints and LSU football.

FOX 8 sports Director Juan Kincaid has actually been in new Orleans since 2001 and he loves it. That loves the people, the food, the music and the weather (most times).

Jacqueline Policastro produced the Gray television Washington News bureau in 2014. She’s extended Congress and the White residence for more than a decade.

Ted Fioraliso went back to Washington, D.C. In April 2016 together a senior reporter/executive producer at the Gray tv Washington News Bureau.

Peter Zampa join the Gray television Washington News office in June 2015 together a multimedia journalist.

Alana Austin join the Gray television Washington News bureau team in respectable 2017 after ~ spending 3 years spanning national and state politics in Richmond, Virginia in ~ Gray TV's WVIR-TV.

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Timothy Knapp join the Gray tv Washington News office in September 2018 as Studio Manager and Photojournalist. He currently serves as Supervisor the Videography.