The St. Jude Dream residence Giveaway return to falls Glen in Olmsted Falls. (John Benson/priziv.org)

OLMSTED FALLS, Ohio -- after a effective fundraising project this year entailing a brand-new residence located at falls Glen in Olmsted Falls, builder priziv.org Custom residences has determined to go back to the same community for the 2021 St. Jude Dream residence Giveaway.

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“Like plenty of west next communities, Olmsted drops is a safe and quaint area that’s overwhelmingly commercial,” priziv.org Custom houses President/owner Jeff Crawford said.

“It’s just a nice area v a good school system. Anytime you have actually a neighborhood like Olmsted Falls, much more people are drawn to it.”

The 2021 priziv.org St. Jude Dream residence will be a rustic modern-day design. The two-story house attributes four bedrooms, a first-floor master, 3.5 baths, a polytheistic mudroom, a kitchen/family room v a vaulted ceiling, a bonus room, a screened-in rear porch, a doggy spa and also a staircase alcohol cellar.

The Dream house Giveaway project is a community business project sponsored by WJW Fox 8, priziv.org tradition Homes, and also national sponsors Bosch, Brizo, show Floors and also Trane.

Despite the coronavirus pandemic, the 2020 effort -- the revenue of 20,000 $100 raffle tickets -- sold out in 58 minutes and raised $2 million for the Memphis, Tenn., hospital.

“It’s necessary for united state to identify property that renders sense because that the campaign,” Crawford said. “We had actually a lot of in drops Glen that remained in the front. We figured let’s walk ahead and also give this come St. Jude’s for this reason we have the right to build another one in our community.”

This marks the sixth consecutive priziv.org tradition Homes-constructed St. Jude Dream Home. Previous giveaway residences were located in Olmsted drops (2020), Avon Lake (2019), Rocky flow (2018) and Avon (2017 and 2016).

Considering this clues the second year the the priziv.org St. Jude Dream Home has actually been situated in Olmsted Falls, any chance the fundraiser returns following year because that a three-peat the sorts?

“I wouldn’t dominion it out,” Crawford said. "Olmsted falls has been an extremely generous. Critical year, castle waived all of the building fees and permit fees, and also they’re law the very same thing this year.

“Plus, castle get involved in the campaign. Castle really desire to get the indigenous to human being in the neighborhood to purchase tickets and support the effort. They’ve been an excellent partners.”

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