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indigenous left to right, hosts Steve Doocy, Ainsley Earhardt, and Brian Kilmeade. Amanda McKelvey maximum ground in the two-floor studio that "Fox & Friends", master Steve Doocy, Ainsley Earhardt, and Brian Kilmeade are around to return from break.Their phones are tucked away and papers are put on the coffee table in front of them, when producers water level in directions with earpieces.

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"Has the chairman tweeted yet?" Kilmeade asks the room.

The anchors return native the break prior to the inquiry is rather answered.

In June, The brand-new York Times called Fox & friend "the most an effective TV present in America" due to its No. 1 fan: chairman Donald Trump.

Business Insider saw the"Fox & Friends" studio on September 12. Here"s what it"s favor behind the scenes:

"Fox & Friends" airs v Doocy, Ainsley Earhardt, and also Kilmeade weekdays indigenous 6-9 a.m. ET (other hosts manage weekends), but the employee starts prepping for the show far previously than that.


downstairs in the"Fox & Friends" studio, the hosts speak with stage manager Joel Fulton (right) in ready for a segment. Amanda McKelvey

Preparations for the following show begin when the last one ends. The hosts go back to their offices and also get all set for an editorial conference at 9:30 a.m. ET.

"Everybody"s gained an idea," hold Steve Doocy said. "Oftentimes, throughout the day, the day before, we"ll send a text or tweet link on a an excellent item that may be perfect because that the next morning"s conversation."

ProducerGavin Hadden motivates everyone to have actually a speak in shaping the show — native the production assistants to the talent.

"We absolutely feel the the more people that have a speak in the show, the much better it will be, and so we have actually a really solid staff that hardworking, smart people who space coming native every demographic, every age group," the said.

"We have actually a diverse team of world who are contributing to the show and finding out what they treatment about, since if they care about it, climate most most likely our viewers will, too."


Doocy and also Earhardt sit ~ above what they call the "curvy couch" during a break. Amanda McKelvey

Doocy, that is a 20-plus-year veteran of Fox News, it s okay in in ~ 4:30 a.m. "In the early days i actually offered to do the coffee for the whole channel," that said.

When he it s okay to the station, Doocy reads with a 200-item packet of news items that is whittled down to 95. Climate the team safety 30 or so minute finding sources the hosts have the right to cite about each that the items.

Kilmeade, who travels from lengthy Island, spends many of his commute studying and also reading the news. That prepares because that both "Fox &Friends" and his three-hour radio show, i m sorry he leaves for a couple of minutes after that gets turn off the air.


Earhardt thumbs through her color-coded wardrobe in her office. Amanda McKelvey

Once she arrives in the office in ~ 4 a.m., Earhardt"soff come hair and makeup. She spends her time in the assembly chair an in similar way to her co-hosts, examining her product for the present that will start in simply a few hours.

"From someone who spent years and also years top top TV doing my very own hair and also makeup, it"s so nice since I can really emphasis on what I have to be telling the audience, and also that"s the news the the day," she said.

Earhardtjoked that on the regional news, she would include some part of she makeup throughout each commercialbreak. "I would start with lip liner and in the following commercial rest I"d include a little lipstick and then the next commercial rest a small lip gloss."

After she"s done with hair and makeup,Earhardtreturns to she office, normally in Lululemonsweats, to pick out she dress and heels for the show.


Dean waves hello to us right prior to "Fox & Friends" return from a commercial break. Amanda McKelvey

Dean walk her an initial broadcast at 5:05 a.m. Top top "Fox & friend First", so she is in the office at 3:30 a.m.

"I generally run as much as my office on the 17th floor and also get mine "good clothes" on, come down to the first floor and I have, thankfully, magicians because that makeup and hair artist that are able to obtain me with each other in 40 minutes," she said.

Then she gets her maps prepared for the day, and by 6 a.m. Once "Fox & Friends" go live, she"s currently done one show. "I have the right to take a tiny bit the a breather and also then I acquire to cave out v these guys, which is so fun," Dean said.

The anchors interview Eboni Williams around her book "Pretty Powerful." Amanda McKelvey

Between segments, reporting on the latest news coming in, and speaking with guests, the hosts have to run up and down the stairs that the two-floor studio.

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On the day we visited, Laura Ingraham called in come talk around FEMA in the wake up of Hurricane Irma, Steve Doocy"s kid Peter report from Florida, and Eboni Williams stopped in to encourage her new book, "Pretty Powerful."

The studio is continually abuzz through cameramen moving in and also out, producer briefing the hosts from downstairs, and also stage supervisors throwing hand signals and directions.