Two the the Murdoch network’s staunchest trump card defenders have actually been quiet in a partnership for months.

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On a Friday critical August, Sean Hannity flew his exclusive helicopter come Trump national Golf food in Colts Neck, brand-new Jersey, to attend the wedding the Fox & Friends weekend hold Pete Hegseth and Fox producer Jennifer Rauchet. within Fox, the wedding had been a object of much discussion. Hegseth and Rauchet reportedly had actually an affair and a son together while tho married come their corresponding spouses. However Hannity’s helicopter arrival, a Trumpian item of theater, to be what one previous Fox executive, management remembered most about the event. “Hannity arised from the chopper through <Fox & Friends host> Ainsley Earhardt, and also they made this cool entrance together,” the previous executive recalled. “People to be like, Wow, okay.”

It was together if Hannity and also Earhardt were the first couple of Fox News—which lock are. 4 current and former Fox News staffers called me that Hannity and also Earhardt space dating—and have been for quite some time. Hannity and also Earhardt aren’t acknowledging their connection to colleagues, but two Hannity friends called me they have actually observed them with each other in social situations where they’ve acted like a couple. “I knew they were involved. I witnessed it as soon as we were every together,” a Fox staffer told me. “It wasn’t also that hidden,” a Hannity friend said. Follow to the staffer, Earhardt has actually been hosting Fox & Friends throughout the coronavirus native a far studio in the basement the Hannity’s long Island mansion. Earhardt additionally uses Hannity’s lawyer together her television agent, two resources said.

Through a Fox News spokesperson, Hannity said, “I carry out not comment on my personal life in public.”

Through a Fox News spokesperson, Earhardt said, “Right now I am concentrated on elevating my daughter. Together anyone in ~ Fox News will certainly tell you, Sean is a wonderful person and whomever he chooses to date will be very fortunate.” In a followup statement, she said: “I am no dating anyone.”

People report in October 2019 that Earhardt and also her husband, v whom she has actually a four-year-old daughter, had actually divorced. “I have actually dated a couple of times and also I’ve met part wonderful people,” she told the magazine.

Last Wednesday, web page Six reported the Hannity and his wife had divorced much more than a year ago. A previous Fox executive, management speculated the the web page Six item, showing up in the Murdochs’ New York Post, to be an indication that Hannity, 58, and Earhardt, 43, would shortly go public with their relationship, and also wanted it known that Hannity wasn’t still married. “To have actually it in web page Six is a method of saying, ‘This is happening, for this reason let’s gain ahead of it,’” the former executive said. But a human being who spoke through Hannity said he to be distraught through the item. “Sean thinks someone is trying to hurt him,” the resource said. A Fox colleague stated Hannity has actually become an ext guarded around himself in current months. “He yes, really has end up being kind the paranoid. The answers emails cryptically. It’s favor he’s gotten in the bunker,” the partner said.

As Donald Trump’s poll numbers slide, Hannity’s and also Earhardt’s commitment is significantly valuable, specifically since, in ~ the that company level, to trust in trumped is waning. 2 sources claimed Rupert Murdoch has actually recently told civilization that the believes trump is going to shed in November. “Rupert think Trump is going come crash and burn. It’s a clear-eyed assessment, just based on just looking in ~ the news,” said a human being who has spoken with Murdoch about the election.

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Trump’s smoldering unhappiness through Fox has an ext and more been bursting into open flame. He strikes coverage that deems insufficiently positive and rages in ~ Fox polls that, like other credible surveys, show Trump losing to Joe Biden. Yesterday trump objected to Fox’s decision to reduced away native a conference hearing top top police reform, tweeting: “Incredible!
FoxNews just took conference Hearing turn off the air just prior to essential witness statements. Much more like CNN!!! Fox is lost!!!” critical month trump tweeted his support for Fox challenger One America News, which has been in talks v Trump-friendly investors about doing a deal. “OANN is good News, no Fake News. Everybody have to be moving them!” trumped wrote.

At Fox, Hannity and Earhardt are among the critical bastion of unwavering trump card loyalists. Fox & Friends and Hannity’s prime-time display bracket every day the news v ego-stroking segments where Trump is always victorious over his Democratic and media enemies. Yet the news has frequently been starkly at odds.

Hannity’s future at Fox has been a question. In the previous Hannity has actually vented around the Murdochs’ absence of commitment to Trump. I reported last year that Hannity told Trump the Murdochs hate Trump and that Hannity was “the just one stop Fox together.” At the time Hannity told civilization he plan to leaving Fox after ~ his contract expired. However according come a source, he has actually re-upped v Fox till 2024.

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