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Dr. Carol Swain slams MSNBC hosts reaction to Youngkin win, case that an essential race theory is ‘not real’

The previous Princeton and also Vanderbilt professor reacts to comments from MSNBC master Nicolle Wallace and Joy Reid following Glenn Youngkin’s success in Virginia

Dr. Carol Swain slams MSNBC master reaction to Youngkin win, insurance claim that crucial race theory is ‘not real’
Texas organization owner slams voters’ denial of police staffing plan: ‘We’re simply victims in this city’

Tucker Carlson dissects what the results of the Virginia and new Jersey gubernatorial elections mean.

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Laura Ingraham phone call Democrats" an answer to their loss in Virginia, "the an interpretation of insanity" and also says lock were totally out the touch with America.

Virginia governor-elect glen Youngkin recounted his victory on Wednesday"s "Tucker Carlson Tonight," saying the his campaign ended up being a "movement led by parents."

Senator Marco Rubio, R-Fla, said Sean Hannity on "Hannity" Wednesday that the separating line in politics is no much longer left and right, but crazy matches normal.

Fox News" Rachel Campos-Duffy opened up "Fox News Primetime" applauding the Republican turnout in Tuesday"s elections, including that it "should leave all of us v a brand-new hope."

A new York guy was charged on Wednesday in the killing of a world War ns veteran that was killed while ~ above his means to gain a haircut in emperors in 1976, the queens District Attorney’s office stated in a release.

A major of a Boston public school was left unconscious and also hospitalized ~ above Wednesday after she to be allegedly struck by a 16-year-old female college student in prior of various other staff and students at the finish of the day, follow to reports.

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Dr. Jerome Adams, who offered as U.S. Surgeon general under former President Trump, stated Wednesday the he will definitely be gaining his 11-year-old daughter vaccinated against COVID-19 together the benefits plainly outweigh the risks.

House decimal Whip Steve Scalise previews the GOP’s strategy for 2022 midterms on "The Ingraham Angle."