Jillian Mele, who has actually co-hosted the early morning show since 2017, will leave the firm to go after an MBA.

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The beforehand morning cable news revolving door proceeds to turn.

On Friday, Fox News claimed that Carley Shimkus would be the brand-new co-host because that the 4-6 a.m. Program Fox & friends First, alongside Todd Piro.

She replace instead replace Jillian Mele, that is leaving the company after 4 years to pursue an MBA at La Salle college in Philadelphia. Her very first day is Monday, Nov. 1. Shimkus had been a reporter and fill-in anchor at Fox News. She began her job at the agency at Fox service Network as a manufacturing assistant in 2009.

“Carley brings an excellent experience come this function developed over nearly a decade at Fox News Media and we room excited to have her sign up with Fox & girlfriend First,” said Gavin Hadden, FNC’s vp morning programming, in a statement. “We wish Jillian all the finest as she returns house to Philadelphia and also thank she for her exceptional contribution and also dedication come the Fox & Friends franchise.”

The transforms at Fox News monitor a comparable shake-up in ~ MSNBC’s early on morning regimen Way also Early. Kasie hunting left the program over the summer, with former AP White residence bureau cook Jonathan Lemire tapped to take it over earlier this week.

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