Fox News contributor Rachel Campos-Duffy has been official tapped to replace Jedediah Bila as the brand-new co-host the Fox & girlfriend Weekend.

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If you’re a constant viewer that the show, this announcement will certainly come together no surprise. Campos-Duffy has actually been the main substitute hold for Bila, and was pour it until it is full in much more frequently as of late.

“The Fox & friends Weekend team is amazing and also I look front to hosting together my friends, Pete and also Will every Saturday and also Sunday,” Campos-Duffy stated in a statement. “I am i was sure we’ll proceed to provide the number one-rated cable news morning display in America.”

She will make her official debut Saturday, June 12 together co-hosts Pete Hegseth and Will Cain.

Campos-Duffy is now the only Hispanic mrs to co-host a cable news morning program. She join FNC together a contributor in 2016 and has been a constant guest host on Fox & Friends, a panelist top top Outnumbered and also a recent rotating hold on Fox News Primetime at 7 p.m. ET.

Bila official exited Fox & friend Weekend (and Fox News) critical week. The view co-host-turned Fox News contributor join Fox & friend Weekend on a irreversible basis in April 2019. Bila is a conservative, however was frequently vital of former President Trump. That didn’t sit fine with numerous of the show’s viewers, many of whom proceed to assistance the previous president.

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Separately, Lawrence Jones will take ~ above a brand-new position as enterprise reporter because that the Fox & girlfriend franchise, efficient immediately, and also will continue to fill in together co-host the both the weekday and also weekend version of the show.

Jones added: “I am excited to take on a brand-new role together enterprise reporter throughout the Fox & Friends franchise and also continue my feature reporting on the ground, complying with the news where it might take me.”


Fox News Media chief executive Suzanne Scott added: “The success that Fox & Friends have the right to be attributed to the program covering stories Americans care about with relatable co-hosts and also reporters they can trust. Over the years, our audience has connected with Rachel and Lawrence with their constant guest appearances and as fill-in hosts on the curvy couch. We room delighted to name them irreversible fixtures on our signature morning franchise.”