With one missed field goal on Sunday Night Football, one lucky pan won $100,000 – and also FOX gambling Super 6 got to an tremendous milestone.

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That six-figure jackpot increased the complete amount that money provided away through FOX gambling Super 6 to over $5 million. Native Sunday NFL difficulties to weekly NASCAR contests and also the recent "Stack the Cash" university football promotion, no issue what her favorite sports is, FOX bet Super 6 has you spanned with a opportunity to success gobs of cash absolutely for free.

Since that inception, FOX bet Super 6 has seen dozens of winners, choose Paula Hotchkiss, that won the $100,000 jackpot critical season the very an initial time she play Super 6!


And a hill of dough isn"t the just thing FOX gambling Super 6 has provided away over the years. Few of the greatest promotions incorporate not only cash however awesome prizes such together a brand-new Ford F-150 van or a Camping world RV.

Now, if for some reason you haven"t yet seen FOX gambling Super 6, you could have questions, together as, "What exactly is FOX gambling Super 6?"

Don"t worry; we"re right here to help.

FOX gambling Super 6 is a free-to-play video game in i beg your pardon you space asked to answer six questions about an NFL weekend, one MLB game, a NASCAR race, and also sometimes, even quizzes around pop society and present events!

For example, if you"re playing the weekly million NFL contest, you"ll it is in asked to choose which team will certainly win and by how numerous points in six games from the NFL Sunday schedule. 

If you obtain all six inquiries right, congratulations! You"re a grand-prize winner – authorized the ranks of our winners who, again, have stacked up more than $5 million in prizes.

Ready to acquire into the game? You"ll more than likely want to examine out this week"s college football "Stack the Cash" contest, whereby the more people who enter, the higher the grand prize rises. Last week, the jackpot started at $25,000 before climbing well over $100,000 – and we"re top top the way to an also bigger compensation in college football mainly 6.

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One last point – if you"ve played Super 6 before, make certain you update your app! The FOX bet Super 6 product is brand-new and enhanced for this football season, through a redesigned lobby, a scores web page featuring odds for the peak games, the capacity to filter between contests you"ve entered and also those girlfriend haven"t, the capability to compete against your friends and also much more!

It"s every in the FOX gambling Super 6 app! Download and also start play today.

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