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Pros:The car was good. It was in good shape because that a rental with 22k mile on it. Ar was in the airport (unlike las Vegas...although the isn't an worry for me as an LV resides renting, but it really mattered here because I was very late -- view gas terminal comments below) The garage was good from acquisition car, exploring at gate and fast, straightforward return. Also "good": this rental procedure only too 2.75 hrs from the point at i beg your pardon I got in heat to driving away from the gate. Exactly how is this "good"? las Vegas Fox as soon as took 3.25 hours. The bad component of Fox outweighs anything good, though.Cons:The desk can only obtain better. It was horrible. Ns spent more time in heat at the desk for a pre-paid automobile than i did in reality DRIVING the car. Fox is notorious for long processing. It's precious paying 25% more with one more company. In this case, I probably would have actually spent much less money and time with Uber. IF this review is specifically tagged come Fox in ~ FLL: plan to gain gas 5-10 miles before you acquire near the airport. There is no leave "just before" the plane exit and also the airport exit IS the airplane exit. There space NO GAS STATIONS between or near the exit before you room at the vehicle return, so you need to go v the airport and look because that one. Even with my an individual Garmin, it took me 30 minutes to gain gas and earlier (thanks in component to a train prevent the first gas terminal route.) FLL is a super easy airport for returning cars -- if friend don't require gas! The closestly gas come FLL is 2.4 mile (south, driving on roads, not by helicopter), IF you recognize where that is and also the fastest route. I don't introduce gassing come the north as the train tracks room on the north edge the FLL. The closet gas to FLL off 595 is 10.6 mile Of course, Fox won't call you these things due to the fact that they want you come return and pay your penalty price for no filling up. (And "returning empty" is a scam only those who can return totally empty can beat!) Finally: I uncovered it odd the in an area where so many human being reuse to learn English (my partner told me on that his uber motorists said he has actually been below 18 years and doesn't speak English!), Fox had actually 3 desk agent the spoke no Spanish. Maybe that's a good thing.Reviewed Apr 5 2021
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Pros:The drop off crew was amazing, efficient and also fast no hassle.Cons:I was charged for a upgrade when they didn't have actually the car I booked online, I referred to as customer service and they told them that they're not expect to fee for the upgrade and the counter rep still refuse to upgrade me without charge, this whole process took about 2.5 hours going back and forth. Ns tried cancelling but because it was booked virtual it couldn't it is in cancelled so i was recommend by the phone rep to simply pay and also a complaint was filed. I'm still waiting on resolution. The vehicle interior was decently clean yet the exterior looked dirty.Reviewed Feb 2 2021
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Pros:The priziv.org rental procedure was convenientCons:Actual FOX car an option go may h what ns ordered. Company at workdesk was cordial; yet the up charges weee not. Ns asked if there was extra fee to go to next level auto they claimed there to be not. I asked doe minimal straightforward insurance ns was charge next tier. I was ~ above a work call while choose up- the human knew ns was distracted and also not paying much attention. Speaks to true integrity and also service level. Ns disappointed. The vehicle was filthy and smelled, couldn’t obtain one that the seat to fold, wipers didn’t work properly during heavy tain ~ above highway & the aligns t was off. Auto kept swerving earlier n forth.Reviewed Feb 21 2021
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Wont rent again indigenous focCons:The car wasnt clean, i had actually take mine luggage the end frim one auto to one more that wasnt clean either. The line to obtain out of the lot to be 15 mins long with two cars infront the me. The sales to be pushy for me to get additional stuff i didn't need, the wipers didnt work and the left blinker either. A rental for 3 days was suppost to it is in $100 rather i invest $260 ~ above a crappy car, at changed i saw complain around the whole experience however again a lengthy wait time this time in ~ the office do me go await due to the fact that I didnt desire to be late for my flight. Terrible experience and also wont usage Fox ever before again.Reviewed Sep 5 2016
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Pros:The auto was nice.Cons:Having much more options included, like the SunPass and also then charging the customer because that the tolls they hit. No charging $90 for making use of a SunPass for 12 days and also I most likely only racked up$30 in tolls. Many companies provide a EasyPass or SunPass the I've used and bill the client for tolls later. Appears tacky. The employees checking world in additionally seemed to not care around their job and also complained around how their computers worked open minded to about 8 human being in front of me and too me. No really a good impression.Reviewed Feb 13 2020
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Pros:N/ACons:The email with the pick-up location of the automobile is incorrect together the rental firm recently readjusted locations. Ns waited 45 minutes because that a shuttle that never ever came as it turned out the rental agency is now easily accessible in the airport fairly than off-campus. Also, as soon as I called the car company to get much more information on just how to acquire to the pick-up location, the automated post kept speak they had actually high contact volumes and would hang up. I didn't have actually a method to gain through to an agent. Also, i was called the automobile would have a complete tank the gas but it was only 3/4 full.Reviewed january 5 2020

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Pros:Drop off to be easy.Cons:EVERYTHING else. Waited over 2 hrs in line for a reservation; climate put into a automobile that was less than clean (but didn't have actually time to wait any kind of longer - top top a trip with my 4 kids and also husband), autumn off to be easy, however now I'm handling being over charged by almost $200 and can't get in touch with an actual person. I told the initial human being at the desk that I currently "paid it now" and she claimed I still required to resign all of her documents. Currently I have interest dues from mine cc as such extra charge. Perform NOT usage FOX!!!! THE transaction IS no WORTH IT!Reviewed Mar 9 2020