The FOX rental A automobile - Salt Lake City Airport auto rental place is situated out the the airport

You can arrive that FOX rent A vehicle - Salt Lake City Airport auto rental by cost-free shuttle bus.

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Please continue to the baggage claim area and take the increase escalator and also walk throughout the sky bridge come the parking garage, level 1. When at the parking garage enntrance gate (door number 20), rotate right and also proceed come the Orange Rental automobile pick up sign. Native the terminal 2 parking garage entrance (door number 23), revolve left and also proceed come the Orange Rental vehicle pick up sign. When at the Orange Rental vehicle pick increase sign, look for the Fox rent a automobile shuttle to obtain a brief ride to the Fox Salt Lake City location.

please follow the "Rental automobile Return" signs and also return her vehicle. After ~ that, you re welcome take the totally free shuttle come the airport.
Deposits are depending on which car kind your rental vehicle falls into, and can it is in paid v credit cards(pre-authorization)
Representative automobile ModelsDeposit Amount(approx.)Business Days required for Refund

Credit cards authorize by the following companies qualify a car rental native this store: Visa, Master, Discover, AMEX



Yes. E-voucher is accepted. Show the digital voucher on your mobile instead of a print-out is an excellent enough.

19 - 80 years old

Young Driver Fee applies at 19 - 24 year old through charge of USD 20 per day approximately.

The key driver and any additional drivers will require to carry out a complete driving license in your name through no major endorsements. The license should be organized for at least 1-2 year(s).

For international renters, you have to bring:

Domestic license + global Driving Permit

Please note that the IDP(International steering Permit) is just a translation and also you must bring your original driver’s license with you.

Domestic patent + main embassy translate into in English

Please keep in mind your English tasnslation need to be authorized through the embassy.

Driving license of the Peoples"s Republic the China + translation of international Driver License

Translation of global Driver License

For neighborhood renters, you have to bring:

Full Driving patent issued in joined States

This option uses to client with regional driving license, please present your regional license in ~ pick-up.

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3 mi indigenous Salt Lake City Airport


0.9 mi from Ramada Salt Lake City north Temple

1 mi native Motel 6 Salt Lake City West - Airport

1.1 mi from comfort Suites airport Salt Lake City

Other Landmarks

2.6 mi from holy place Square

2.7 mi indigenous The Tabernacle

3.5 mi indigenous Trolley Square

Besides credit cards and debit cards, now you have the right to pay because that online vehicle rentals through cryptocurrency in 2020. Bitcoin(BTC), ethereum(ETH), and bitcoin cash(BCH) room accepted. Wonder how long walk a bitcoin transaction takes and also how come pay through bitcoin? read our FAQs.
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