Abby Hornacek is one American journalist and television organize for the Fox Nation’s sport, travel, and lifestyle host. For her work, young Abby travels approximately the states and also walks through various cultures and traditions.

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Not to mention, young Abby has been getting attention because that her television appearance, making she a fan favorite that many.

Moreover, she is also famous as the daughter that the former NBA star player rotate coach, Jeff Hornacek.

Abby Hornacek is a Fox Nation’s host.

But instead of taking advantage of it, Abby has been structure her very own path and working towards it. Hence, this demeanor alone has made us and also many a fan of hers.

If you space interested in knowing much more about her life, including her career, siblings, date life, and also more, climate make certain to check out this post till the end.

Abby Hornacek: fast Facts

Who is Abby Hornacek?

Abby Hornacek is one American journalist and television host known for presenting lifestyle, travel, and also sports content.

But most of all, Abby is renowned as the only daughter of former NBA player turn coach Jeff Hornacek.

As part of Fox Nation, young Abby travels roughly the world and also is currently in charge of three different shows title ‘Ride come Work,’ ‘American Arenas,’ and ‘PARK’D.’

Early Life and Education- Who room Abby’s Parents?

The famous television personality and journalist for Fox Nations, Abby Hornacek, to be born in the city of paradise Valley, Arizona, the United states of America.

Her parents elevated her, Jeff Hornacek and Stacy Hornacek, along with her two older brothers, Tyler and Ryan Hornacek.

Not come mention, Abby is the just daughter and also the youngest among the 3 Hornacek siblings. Even now, the three share a unique bond envied by many.

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Likewise, Hornacek is American through nationality, while her ethnicity happens to it is in white.

Moving on to her education, young Abby attended Xavier college Preparatory in Phoenix. From very early age, she was a sports enthusiast and played volleyball because that the institution team, and even won the class 5A division I state location in her an initial three years.

Afterward, she enrolled at the college of southern California, from where Abby graduated v a transfer Journalism level in May 2016.

Age and also Height- how old is Abby Hornacek?

The famed television personality Abby was born ~ above April 25 in the year 1994, which provides her 26 years together of now.

Not come mention, she star authorize happens to be Taurus. Lock are among the hardworking and stubborn bunch among them all.

Other than her hard-working mentality and solid work ethic, Abby is likewise famous for her stunning beauty. The American-born reporter stands in ~ 5 feet 7 inches(170 cm) and weighs around 54 kgs(119 lbs).

Abby Hornacek

Likewise, Abby’s emerald environment-friendly eyes with her wavy blonde hair add an ext to her beauty.

No wonder she has a different fanbase praising her beauty alone, among other things.

Abby Hornacek appropriate Eye Injury

As us all know, Abby was inspired by she father, Jeff, to become an athlete prefer him. Hence, during her university days, Abby began playing volleyball and even dreamt of pursuing it professionally.

Sadly, the fracture she continual in her right eye refrained Hornacek native making the dream a reality.

According to sources, the injury completely wiped out vision native her. She did undergo twin surgery, but it made Abby not suitable to proceed the sports any type of further.

As of now, the young Abby is liven traveling approximately the state and also covering the present PARK’D.

Early Career and Beginning

The famed daughter of previous NBA player turn coach Jeff Hornacek, Abby grew up as a sports enthusiast like her father.

The youngest son of Jeff spent many of she childhood in Utah and also then relocated come Arizona. She was just ten when the Hornacek household moved after her father retirement from expert basketball back in 2000.

Likewise, Hornacek perfect high school and then enrolled at the college to earn her degree.

After that, she concentrated on making a career together a journalist. Due to the fact that of it, Hornacek studied journalism in ~ the college of southerly California.

During she time in ~ the university, Abby gained her head start as an anchor/producer in ~ Trojan Vision Television, i beg your pardon is a student-operated TV station.

But great as that was, Abby had to quit the work at Trojan in may 2012 because she join the university’s volleyball team.

Abby Hornacek is a Fox Nation’s host.

However, Abby’s dream of do a experienced volleyball was shattered after experiencing from a best eye injury.

Soon enough, following her quick hiatus native anchoring, Hornacek went back to the media. Immediately, Abby joined another student-operated news program called Anneberg TV News beginning in August 2013.

It was there that she learned more about news reporting, i m sorry she obtained by covering a wide selection of stories. Not to mention, it likewise helped hone her camera skills and anchoring too.

Career Breakthrough

Constructing her way as a journalist, Abby started her expert media career starting in January 2014.

That was once she joined Fox sports San Diego as a production intern. Together an intern, Hornacek took part in assisting miscellaneous Fox sporting activities 1 producer in live broadcasts alongside various other shows.

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Not come mention, Abby likewise assisted in logging and clipping sporting activities for the evening’s highlight show. She operated as one intern for 4 months and also finally join the network together a featured host and reporter later on on.

Likewise, Abby co-hosted shows choose Phoenix Suns Mock Draft and also San Diego prepare Insider, i beg your pardon is a weekly night show.

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Aside from that, the American reporter briefly functioned as a Fox sports sideline reporter and contributed much to ESPN. With sufficient effort and experience, Abby was making one impression top top the networks.

After that, Hornacek jumped turn off from news report to functioning as a sports host at the Stadium.

It is a sports network based in Chicago, Illinois. Over there she extended ‘The Drone racing League’ for two years, starting from February 2016 come February 2018. the was prior to she came to be a hold for Fox News.

As that present, Hornacek hosts 3 shows: PARK’D, American Arenas, and also Ride to Work. As component of PARK’D, Abby travels across the nation to check out National Parks and showcases each one’s history.

She does every this while tho participating in a few adrenaline activities at every place.

Similarly, because that the American Arenas, Abby access time iconic sporting activities arenas across the states. Meanwhile, the young journalist brings in other talents to work-related inside the Fox network as part of ‘Ride come Work.’

Honors and also Accomplishments

As a competitive and hard-working individual, Abby has won countless honors and also accomplishments. Earlier in 2014, she contended in the Miss Arizona USA Pageant and even finished as a 3rd runner-up.

Aside native that, she additionally received numerous scholastic honors at USC, including Lambda Pi Eta nationwide Honours culture Member, USC Phi Sigma Theta Honours Society, Gamma Sigma Alpha nationwide Greek academic Honours Society, and also the Oder of Omega.

Abby Hornacek’s personal Life- who is she dating? friend or Spouse

Despite being a media person, Abby is no so vocal once it concerns her an individual life. As much as us want, she just does not want to share her personal matters v the public.

Hence, together of now, we have actually no idea if she is single or dating anyone at the moment.

Abby Hornacek Enjoying

Even once we watch at she Instagram, we can see nothing but pictures of she beloved father and also brothers. As well as that, Hronacek is mostly traveling come exotic locations and so on.

It is no that she is no interested in dating however still in she 20s, Abby seems to be concentrated on her career at the moment.

Some that Abby Hornacek’s favourite Things

Food: brand-new York Pizza, Curly FriesSport: BasketballNBA Player: Giannis AntetokoumnpoMusic: nation MusicRole Models: Sam Ponder and Robin Roberts

How much does Abby Hornacek make?- network Worth and Income

Famous because that her tv appearance and also journalism work, Abby has been making a splash together a celebrity. Thanks to her well-known status and also work, Hornacek has actually earned an ample amount of wealth and also success together it comes. Together of 2020, she has accumulated a generous network worth that $500,000.

Born and raised in the sky Valley, Hornacek has constantly been motivated by she father and also hence, went follow me the course of sports. In ~ the moment, Abby organize three shows, including one nationwide park referred to as PARK’D.

Aside indigenous that, she is best known for functioning for the Fox Nations. And it was reported that Abby makes roughly $40,590 as her salary. No to mentions, she obtains extra indigenous her other hosting gigs together well.

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However, to this, she has actually not revealed lot when it pertains to her income and also earnings. And also we room sure with time, Abby will disclose her revenue soon enough.

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Meanwhile, her father, Jeff Hornacek, has actually a net value of $8 million. And we are sure he gets his paycheck as a skilled coach and also former best at basketball. He also has plenty of of the brand-new York Knicks endorsements to include to his earnings.