Veteran Fox broadcaster Ed Henry was fired after a misconduct probe, said a memo sent to the conservative media company’s employee Wednesday.

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Fox enlisted an external law firm to investigate after it got last Thursday a “sexual misconduct in the workplace” complaint about Henry from a previous employee, created network CEO Suzanne Scott and also president Jay Wallace in an internal message.

“Ed to be suspended the exact same day and removed from his on-air responsibilities pending investigation,” reads the memo obtained by the everyday News. “Based ~ above investigative findings, Ed has been terminated.”

Henry, 48, to be the co-host of the “America’s Newsroom” morning present with Sandra Smith. The network will usage rotating anchors to to fill his spot till a irreversible replacement is found.

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She discussed the memo indigenous Scott and also Wallace, speak they to be trying come “bring full transparency” come the matter. Fox “will continue to strive to preserve a safe and also inclusive workplace for all employees,” smith said.

Henry had been v the network since 2011, and also was Fox News’ chef White home correspondent. He has actually not publicly handle his ouster.

Henry’s shoot comes 4 years after late Fox News chairman i get it Ailes resigned following a collection of sexual misconduct allegations. Longtime commentator bill O’Reilly’s tenure at the network ended in April 2017 following multiple harassment accusations.

follow to multiple resources cited by NPR — where Henry’s mam is cook Washington editor — Henry “repeatedly pursued younger woman staffers during his time in ~ Fox.”


In might 2016, Henry to be taken off the Hillary Clinton campaign beat ~ tabloids reported his affair with a ras Vegas hospitality worker. An “outraged” Ailes allegedly felt Henry’s indiscretion jeopardized his capacity to report on the democratic nominee, whose husband, the former president, has been the topic of sexual misconduct claims.

Henry to be reportedly compelled to complete a sexual addiction rehabilitation regimen in order come revive his career. That comeback witnessed him end up being a substitute host on “Fox & friends Weekend,” and the organize of “America’s Newsroom.”

identify a “former colleague” together its source, NPR reported the in 2017, Fox executives got a created complaint that Henry’s resurrected career at Fox “was crushing because that female colleagues.”

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Fox News said it overhauled that is HR department in January 2017 and also implemented mandatory sexual harassment training because that staffers.

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~ above Wednesday, previous Fox anchor Gretchen Carlson, who accused Ailes of sexual harassment, called for Fox come lift non-disclosure agreements that ex-employees say keep them indigenous revealing the they were harassed.

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