Breast cancer awareness: Women gaining screened "important," Jackie DeAngelis says

FOX service correspondent Jackie DeAngelis share her trip after being diagnosed with stage 1 chest cancer in June.

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FOX business correspondent Jackie DeAngelis, that was diagnosed with stage 1 breast cancer in June, said on Thursday that she believes early detection saved her life. 

DeAngelis mutual her journey on "Mornings with Maria" during Breast Cancer Awareness Month, stressing that "screenings space super important." 

About 42,000 females in the U.S. Die each year from breast cancer, according to the Centers for condition Control and Prevention. 

DeAngelis stated she to be diagnosed ~ above June 17 after ~ a program mammogram. 

"It simply kind of blindsided me and the very first call that i made to be to my mother," she said. 

"No mommy wants to hear that their child has actually cancer," DeAngelis’ mom told FOX Business. 

DeAngelis’ physicians said her masses were nearly invisible and also described them as corn flakes crushed in a bag like "grains of sand." The FBN organize revealed she didn’t have actually any history of chest cancer in she family and also didn’t have actually the BRCA gene.

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DeAngelis claimed she was presented v two options, "a lumpectomy, which would come v radiation and chemotherapy and also constant surveillance after" or a mastectomy. DeAngelis decided to have a dual mastectomy. 


Gerri Willis ~ above beating breast cancer, Komen race for the cure going online

Race because that the cure

"Doing the double mastectomy was difficult, it was a harder surgery, but I was able to avoid the follow-up treatments, i beg your pardon I thought was really important," she told host Maria Bartiromo. 

 "I’ve never felt such fear in my life," she go on to say, explaining what it was like during the three weeks prior to her surgery. 

DeAngelis said the "surgery go well" and returned to work-related only 13 job later. She is reserved for a second procedure on Monday.

"The repair is a piece of this," she explained.

"It’s been around 16 weeks because the surgical procedure in July and also they placed tissue expanders in your breast." 


"They took every the skin off, they want fresh skin come grow, they desire to expand it and also make room because that that reconstruction therefore it’s been painful," she continued. 

"It hasn’t really been pleasant. It feels like I have coke cans in my chest right now so I’m looking front to acquiring them out on Monday." 

DeAngelis said Bartiromo she feel compelled come share she story "because I think there’s a lot the end there that various other women don’t know." 

She detailed that maintaining a healthy lifestyle is important, saying she has retooled she life through "trying to think about some the the choices that I make, several of the assets that I use, points that I placed on my skin food that i ingest to just try to it is in a small bit healthier." 


DeAngelis additionally pointed the end that her colleagues, FOX organization anchor and also reporter Gerri Willis and "Outnumbered" co-host and former White residence press secretary Kayleigh McEnany to be "pillars that support." 

Willis was very first diagnosed with stage 3 lobular chest cancer in 2016. She defined the strain as a "weird kind" that’s tough to choose up with a mammogram – however after mirroring physical signs, Willis acquired tested and came ago positive.

McEnany was never diagnosed v breast cancer however ran an 84% risk of developing the disease since eight ladies in her household had already been diagnosed, part passing away in your late 20s.

After trial and error positive and also keeping 10 years of monitoring on the matter, including multiple scares, McEnany decided to get a double mastectomy together well.

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During the coronavirus pandemic, screenings for chest cancer plummeted.

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"There’s something that world can learn here and I desire them come learn from my journey the number one, the are afraid is over there of course, but this is not a fatality sentence anymore and you deserve to overcome it because i did," DeAngelis claimed on Thursday.

"No. 2, one in eight women will obtain breast cancer. I never ever thought it could be me. I didn’t think I had health problems or a reason to worry, yet it happens and also it might be random and it could happen to you." 

"I urge people, if they’ve to be putting this off, go in there, obtain the screening. It’s important," she added. 


FOX Business’ Angelica Stabile and also Fox News’ Kayla Rivas added to this report.