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i get it Ailes on April 11, 2012 in new York City. Stephen Lovekin/Getty pictures

Roger Ailes, who offered at the helm that Fox News from its debut in 1996, is attributed as structure the channel into the media empire it is today.

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He resigned in July 2016 after previous host Gretchen Carlson accused the then-CEO and also chairman of sex-related harassment, together with several various other women, consisting of anchor Megyn Kelly.

Ailes denied the charges, several of which dated earlier to at least the at an early stage 1990s.

A year after his departure, Ailes died after the fell and hit his head in his Palm Beach, Florida, home, at period 77.

Gretchen Carlson additionally left the network in 2016, alleging that she'd to be fired after ~ refusing come sleep through Ailes.


Gretchen Carlson attends the SAG-AFTRA foundation Conversations: "Gretchen Carlson: break The Silence" in ~ The Robin Williams center on might 22, 2019. Gary Gershoff/Getty photos

Journalist Gretchen Carlson join Fox News in 2005 as a co-host for its morning display "Fox & Friends" and in 2013 left the routine to start her own called "The genuine Story v Gretchen Carlson." she contract expired top top June 23, 2016, but she alleged in a sue filed almost two weeks later on that she to be fired in retaliation for her refusal come sleep with previous chairman roger Ailes.

The suit eventually led come his resignation. Carlson reportedly obtained $20 million in a settlement got to with 21st Century Fox and had signed a non-disclosure agreement, which she request to it is in let out of in 2019. She published a book a year after that how to stop sexual harassment in the workplace.

Six month after Carlson's departure, Megyn Kelly left Fox for NBC.


Megyn Kelly speak onstage in ~ the luck Most an effective Women Summit 2018 at Ritz Carlton Hotel top top October 2, 2018 in Laguna Niguel, Calif. Phillip Faraone/Getty photos for fortune

Former talk show host Megyn Kelly added to numerous Fox News segments and later anchored her own display during her 13-year tenure at the network. She garnered national attention because that her sharp questioning of then-candidate Donald Trump throughout a 2015 GOP presidential debate. Trump reacted by repeatedly attacking Kelly, at one allude telling CNN, "There to be blood coming the end of she eyes, blood coming the end of her wherever."

Fox staged a detente by having actually Kelly organize the first-of-its-kind one-hour primetime unique that aired in might 2016, in which she interviewed Trump.

The following January Kelly left the network and was scooped up by NBC News. She became the hold of a new daytime program called "Megyn Kelly Today."

In an illustration on Oct. 23, 2018, Kelly attracted immense criticism for she on-air remarks around blackface, which later resulted in the show"s cancelation.

Kelly left NBC in January 2019 — v a examine for $69 million.



Fox News cut ties through longtime organize Bill O"Reilly in April 2017 ~ a brand-new York Times" investigation found that he payment $13 million to resolve sexual-harassment insurance claims coming from 5 women.

The conservative commentator had actually been on vacation once the network announced his firing. O"Reilly"s nightly show aired for much more than two decades and also became one of the highest-rated in cable news television. His viewership even soared during the scandal.

His 8 p.m. Slot was replaced by Tucker Carlson. O"Reilly introduced his very own digital news website the same year.

invoice Shine Jabin Botsford/The Washington article via Getty images

One of the most consequential senior executives at Fox under Ailes, invoice Shine started out together a producer for Sean Hannity before becoming a senior primetime producer in 1999 and later an elderly VP the programming by 2004.

Shine often defended the many controversial comment by the network"s guests and hosts.

Following Ailes" ouster in 2016, light was called by Rupert Murdoch to serve as the co-president the Fox News with Jack Abernathy.

However, Shine"s tenure at the helm was shortlived.

Despite Hannity defending Shine between allegations of extending up sex-related harassment in ~ the company, the co-president was forced out in may 2017.

While shine was never ever personally accused of any kind of wrongdoing, his time at an elderly levels the the company while the alleged misconduct of partner was following made his position precarious as lawsuits mounted.

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Shine walk on to offer in the White residence for just over eight months throughout 2018 and also 2019 together deputy cook of employee for communications and also communications director. He left the White residence to serve as an torture for Trump"s 2020 campaign.