Fox News has magnified the careers of numerous women who have actually served together hosts. All were rental by roger Ailes, the previous network boss that exited in august 2016 between a sexual harassment scandal.

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Greta van Susteren -- that had been just one of Ailes" most stalwart defenders -- left in at an early stage September 2016 after saying that Fox had "not felt favor a home" because that years.


Laurie Dhue was a familiar presence ~ above Fox in the at an early stage 2000s however left the network in 2008. She has reportedly to be shopping a tell-all publication this year.


Outspoken organize Elisabeth Hasselbeck left "The View" to sign up with "Fox & Friends" in 2013, which she exited in ~ the finish of 2015.


Andrea Tantaros, previous co-host the "The Five," filed a lawsuit saying that Fox News operated choose a "sex-fueled, Playboy-Mansion-like cult."


Alisyn Camerota organized a number of Fox News programs throughout a 16-year run that finished in 2014. She currently hosts "New Day" ~ above CNN.

Rudi Bakhtiar jumped from CNN to Fox News in 2006. She asserted she was sexually harassed through correspondent Brian Wilson and also later speak out versus Fox News" culture after the Ailes scandal broke. She now works in ~ Reuters.

Kiran Chetry was a Fox News organize from 2001 come 2007. She was reportedly additionally an aspirant because that a duty on "Fox & Friends," the network"s morning show.

Libertarian commentator Jedediah Bila appeared on Fox"s "Outnumbered" and later turned increase on ABC"s "The View."

Her lawsuit started it all: former Fox host Gretchen Carlson insurance claims Ailes continuously sexually harassed her. Her suit was later cleared up for a report $20 million.

Megyn Kelly ended her 12-year run v Fox News in early on 2017 in exchange for a weekday display at NBC. She turned down a four-year, $100 million market to continue to be with Fox News speak that one of the reasons for her leave was come spend an ext time through her kids. Kelly said she was among those at Fox News sexually harassed by Ailes.

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"Happening Now" anchor Jenna Lee announced that she was leaving the Fox News after functioning there because that 10 years. Lee stated she quiet loves being a journalist and also that she has "some really huge ideas on exactly how to better serve you in that details arena" there is no Fox News. 

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