The longtime organization correspondent many recently served as a finance columnist at the new York Post


Former CNN and also Fox News anchor Terry Keenan died suddenly Thursday night the a enormous cerebral hemorrhage, The Hollywood Reporter has actually confirmed. She to be 53.

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Keenan was most recently a Sunday service columnist because that the New York Post. She last column was posted online on Oct. 19.

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Keenan previously worked together an anchor and also business correspondent because that Fox News Channel and also Fox service Network, hosting the Saturday investing regimen Cashin’ In. She left Fox News in 2009, according to reports.

She joined Fox News in 2002, according to TV Newser, from CNN, whereby she offered as an anchor and an elderly correspondent because that CNN business News analyzing wall surface Street and the gaue won markets, according to she Fox News bio. In ~ CNN, she offered as a correspondent because that Moneyline and anchored that weekend edition. She also anchored Street Sweep top top the now-defunct CNNfn.

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She join CNN company News in 1986 as a producer because that Moneyline before coming to be an on-air correspondent, her Fox News bio explains. She left CNN from 1995-98, functioning as one anchor in ~ CNBC. She began her career together a producer top top PBS’ Wall Street Week through Louis Rukeyser, who offered as a mentor come her. Moneyline hold Lou Dobbs additionally served together a mentor. During her time in ~ CNN she report on the 1987 stock sector crash (aka “Black Monday”) and was the first journalist to report live indigenous the brand-new York stock Exchange.

She graduated from Johns Hopkins college in 1983 with a Bachelor’s degree in mathematics. Keenan credited much of her success to she mother’s emphasis on education, she sister Linda Keenan said THR. She attended holy Names Academy in Albany, NY and received a math scholarship come Johns Hopkins.

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Keenan is endured by she husband, Ron Kass; their son, Benjamin Kass; her 2 sisters, Joellen Gardner and Linda Keenan; and many nieces and nephews.

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Funeral solutions will be held on Friday, Oct. 31 in ~ 11 a.m. At the Church the St. Ignatius Loyola in Manhattan. In lieu that flowers, the family has asked for donations to it is in made to Manhattan’s Loyola School.