We have taken the initiative to discover out what channel is Fox ~ above DirecTV. FOX is just one of the most-watched networks in the country because it provides epic programming to eager viewers. As such, FOX channel is a staple for channel lineups from every TV organization provider.

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FOX showed up in the entertain industry back in 1986 and overtime earned a spot amongst the most prevalent over-the-air TV networks. It has actually continuously bombarded our displays with amazing blockbuster movies and TV shows from various genres.

As if that’s not enough, this network has been offering competition sleepless nights with its remarkable initial releases. Several of the most well-known hits of all time come from FOX’s initial productions.

What channel is Fox ~ above DirecTV?

When friend think of FOX channel, the one point that probably pertains to mind is legend programming. It releases excellent films, TV shows and also animations. This is why FOX is a selling suggest for channel lineups from providers favor DirecTV. If you have actually plenty of time on her hands and wants come binge-watch The Simpsons or family Guy, Fox on DirecTV is the appropriate place.

DirecTV provides innumerable channels with that TV packages. This method you have to search through hundreds of networks in order to discover FOX channel, i m sorry is frustrating. You will certainly waste time and might finish up absent a favourite show. That said, over there is a method to make the channel hunt easier and also shorter. Usage this overview to discover Fox channel number on DirecTV and use that to song in.

City/StateFOX channel number
Los Angeles, CA11
Phoenix, AZ10
Chicago, IL32
New York City, NY5
Houston, TX26
San Antonio, TX29
San Diego, CA69
Philadelphia, PA29
Charlotte, NC46
Seattle, WA13
Oklahoma City, OK25
Memphis, TN13
Sacramento, CA40
Baltimore, MD45

Top famous shows top top FOX

American Dad

FOX has actually a call of producing an excellent adult animated collection and American Dad wake up to be one of the masterpieces. The present revolves roughly the blacksmith family and their daily lives. The a mixture of adventure and comedy. American Dad is the kind of display that will have actually you cracked up.

Prison Break

Prison rest is one action-drama thriller focused on 2 brothers, Michael Scofield and also Lincoln Burrows. Burrows is wrongfully sentenced to death, and Scofield must now devise a arrangement to aid him an outbreak of prison and also eventually clear his name. The show at this time has five seasons.

The Simpsons

There is no better-written animated series on TV favor The Simpsons. It’s full of brilliant jokes through every kind of humour being represented. Clock the funny personalities from the Simpson family members as lock go around their lives.


FOX channel has a an excellent reputation amongst the viewer’s considering its substantial library of epic entertainment for kids and adults. Anything friend wish for in terms of good content is discovered on the FOX channel. There is no a doubt, that a famous channel v a substantial audience.


What channel is Fox news on DirecTV?

Fox News channel HD is channel number 360 on DirecTV.

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Is Fox a neighborhood channel?

Fox is a local broadcast channel it is often accessible via a top quality TV antenna. You can likewise get the channel on part live streaming services.

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