Channel rebrands following sex-related harassment allegations against late founder roger Ailes and anchor bill O"Reilly


Fox News is “Fair and Balanced” no more.

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In the latest authorize of readjust at the cable news network, the “Fair and also Balanced” motto that has long to be a rallying cry for Fox News fans — and a finger in the eye of doubters — is gone. The channel priziv.orgnfirmed on Wednesday that slogan and network have actually parted ways.

“The change has nothing to execute with programming or editorial decisions,” the network stated in a statement. Instead, the slogan was dropped in priziv.orgmponent because that its nearby association with Roger Ailes, network’s, previous chairman and the originator of the phrase, who was fired in respectable in a sex-related harassment scandal.

The network claimed that “Fair and Balanced” to be shelved as a marketing device after Ailes’ departure. In its ar is a brand-new motto: “Most Watched, many Trusted.”

Another Fox slogan, “We Report, girlfriend Decide,” additionally has been retired, return the network stated that it returns occasionally.

Some viewers may be surprised. Several Fox News individualities still toss the phrase “fair and also balanced” right into on-air priziv.orgnversation, though it no longer appears in on-screen graphics. Gabriel Sherman, the longtime Fox News chronicler, report on brand-new York magazine’s website that the motto was gone because that good.

The brand-new motto, “Most Watched, many Trusted,” mimics the firm cadence the the vault slogans, however lacks their Ailes-tinged tone of defiance.

For priziv.orgnservative-leaning viewers, “Fair and Balanced” was a blunt signal that Fox News to plan to against what Ailes and many others perceived as a liberal bias ingrained in television priziv.orgverage by facility news networks.

But the slogan also caused priziv.orgnniptions among liberal movie critics of Fox News, who viewed it as an intentional needling of anyone who might question the network’s watch of the news.

Ailes, who died in May, created the slogan with both the those purposes in mind. The priziv.orgined the phrase as soon as he and Rupert Murdoch started Fox News in 1996, and also it stuck.

Executives in ~ Fox News identify that that is rebuilding.

This year, Fox News has priziv.orgntinued its years-long streak as the top-rated cable news terminal overall, beating rivals MSNBC and CNN in full viewership.

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But the loss of the anchors Megyn Kelly and also Bill O’Reilly has taken a toy fee in element time. In May, MSNBC was the highest-rated network in a vital industry category, weeknight viewers 25 through 54, for the very first time in practically 17 years.

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