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Jillian Mele is co-host of FOX News Channel’s (FNC) FOX & Friends first (weekdays 4-6 AM/ET) alongside Todd Piro. In addition, Mele serves as a member the FNC’s morning show franchise, FOX & Friends (weekdays 6-9 AM/ET) where she reports top top the latest news headlines and contributes to daily segments. She joined the network in in march 2017.Read More

Prior come joining FNC, Mele offered as a co-host ~ above Comcast sporting activities Net Philadelphia’s (CSN Philly) regional morning news program, Breakfast on Broadwhere she earned an Emmy compensation for she work.

Earlier in her career, Mele spent seven years through WCAU-TV (NBC 10) in Philadelphia, PA and reported in various capacities, consisting of as a news, sports and also traffic reporter. She acquired her on-air begin as a neighborhood news anchor because that stations in Presque Isle, Maine, and Binghamton, brand-new York. Additionally, if enrolled in college, Mele hosted an internship through CSN Philly.

Mele got a B.A. In arts and also communication from La Salle University. 


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