Rachel Campos-Duffy has actually been tapped to co-host Fox & girlfriend Weekend, the notice coming days after Fox News Channel confirmed that it to be parting methods with Jedediah Bila.

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Campos-Duffy will debut June 12 alongside co-hosts Pete Hegseth and also Will Cain.

The network additionally said Monday that Lawrence Jones would certainly take on a new position as an companies reporter top top the Fox & Friends franchise, and will continue to fill in together a co-host the the show’s weekday and also weekend editions.

Campos-Duffy will certainly be the only Hispanic mrs to organize a cable news morning program. The mom of ripe children, she will continue to host Moms on Fox Nation, and will start to organize a podcast, From the Kitchen Table — the Duffy’s, this Friday because that Fox News Audio with her husband, former Rep. Sean Duffy (R-WI). The episodes will be easily accessible weekly beginning June 5.

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Jedediah Bila, Fox News 'Fox & girlfriend Weekend' Co-Host, Parting means From Network

Campos-Duffy joined Fox News together a contributor in 2016 and also has been a continual guest hold on Fox & Friends, a panelist top top Outnumbered and also a rotating host on Fox News Primetime at 7 p.m. ET. She was a cast member of The actual World: mountain Francisco (Sean Duffy was on The real World: Boston).

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Bila had actually been an occasional movie critic of Trump. She tweeted assistance of Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) after she was ousted from she GOP management position in the House, calling the activity “completely unhinged.” She additionally chided Donald Trump critical year for his criticism of chris Wallace, the hold of Fox News Sunday. In January, after ~ the Capitol insurrection, she created on Twitter that Trump lied come his supporters about election fraud.

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By contrast, Campos-Duffy has actually been a steadfast supporter of Trump, retweeting one of the previous president’s declaration on march 10 with the message, “This statement is one of the factors I miss out on President Trump. After four years, he refused to turn into a politician and constantly told us exactly what he was thinking. It’s still refreshing to me.”

In mid-December, ~ the network aired one interview with Trump together he pursued claims of election fraud, Campos-Duffy said, “I just feel because that the president. I see the pain and also the frustration. Friend do every little thing you are supposed to do. You operation the nation well. You project your heart out while the other guy is in the basement. And also in the end, fraud and also shenanigans at the regional level, you’re robbed. And we’ve every been robbed. Once elections don’t walk well, once there is fraud, whereby there is these kinds of shenanigans, we all lose.”