Woman wanted for trespassing near Bronx Zoo lion exhibit, again

A woman who was charged two years earlier with trespassing close to the lion exhibit and also taunting the animals at the Bronx Zoo is want again for doing the exact same this past week, new York City police said.

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5 hours ago

Suspect arrested in main Park rape

The NYPD has actually arrested a male wanted for the horrific sexual attack of a 27-year-old woman inside main Park.

1 job ago

Rockefeller center Christmas tree arrives in NYC

The tree that will stand at Rockefeller facility during the Christmas season arrived in Manhattan top top Saturday.

1 work ago

Woman driven onto tracks at time Square subway station

EMS rushed a mrs to Bellvue Hospital with head and also neck injuries ~ a guy threw her onto the subway monitor in an evident robbery.

1 job ago

Amazon workers at Staten Island facility retract unionization petition

A team of Amazon employees on Staten Island has withdrawn its petition to hold a vote to unionize much less than two weeks prior to the nationwide Labor relations Board was expected to hold a hear to determine whether there was enough interest to kind a union in ~ the Amazon distribution center.

1 job ago

Missing NJ teenager Jashyah Moore uncovered safe; mother arrested

Jashyah Moore, 14, went lacking on Oct. 14 while to run an errand. Authorities said she ran far from home. Her mom is currently under arrest.

2 days ago

BLM threatens "riots, bloodshed" in NYC if Adams brings earlier police unit, mayor-elect responds

A black color Lives issue leader is vowing there will be "riots" and also "bloodshed" if Mayor-elect Eric Adams reinstates the NYPD"s controversial anti-crime unit.

2 job ago

Arrest in sexual attack of girl on way home from college in Bronx park

Rahmel Bali, 18, that the Bronx to be arrested Thursday. Cops said he approached the 13 year-old kid at about 2:30 p.m. On Monday, threw the son to the ground, and also forcibly removed the victim"s leggings prior to sexually assaulting the child.

2 work ago

NYPD kills driver top top Belt Parkway

Police officers shot and also killed a motorist on the Belt Parkway. He come at the officers with a gun and refused regulates to autumn his weapon, a police main said.

2 job ago

Blaze rips through Upper West side apartment death man, woman

Fire investigators are trying to determine what set off a blaze in one apartment on the upper West next killing a man and a woman.

2 days ago

How the NYPD crime rap fights the war on illegal guns

The NYPD Forensic Investigations department is the biggest crime lab facility of its kind in the country. The investigators and criminalists who occupational there combine their expertise and experience and some that the latest methods and an innovation to assist solve all sorts of crimes, consisting of those involving illegal firearms.

3 days ago

Mob stabs, beats 62-year-old guy in unprovoked Hell"s Kitchen attack

A disturbing video clip released by the NYPD shows a 62-year-old man being struck with a pole and then stabbed and slashed by a lot of seven people on a Manhattan street.

3 job ago

Child walking house from institution sexually assaulted in Bronx park

A manhunt to be underway for the male who sexually struck a kid on their way home from school in the Bronx.

3 job ago

Veterans work Parade 2021: NYC point out 9/11, operation Desert Storm, battle on Terror

The new York City Veterans job Parade, the largest celebration that America"s armed forces, returned along fifth Avenue after the pandemic forced the cancellation of the celebration last year.

3 work ago

Dogs of the brand-new York City Marathon

The new York City Marathon featured around 25,000 athletes and drew 10s of hundreds of spectators follow me the 26.2-mile course. Plenty of of those spectators had 4 legs and fur.

3 work ago

2 runners stop to assist fellow runner over NYC Marathon end up line

Runners in the 2021 new York City Marathon on November 7 assisted a other participant who dropped over simply shy of the course’s end finish the run.

4 work ago

Woman ~ above scooter operation over by crate truck in Brooklyn

A Brooklyn woman that was riding a scooter passed away days after ~ she was hitby a box truck in Manhattan.

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4 job ago

Brooklyn veterans increase for national art prize

two Brooklyn veterans space finalists because that a nationwide art prize.

4 days ago