“Fox & friends Weekend” co-host Pete Hegseth said on “Outnumbered” Tuesday the crime in significant cities across America has actually nothing to execute with world struggling during the coronavirus pandemic, it"s “left-wing policies.”

Pastor Corey Brooks sweet in top top Jussie Smollett"s hoax top top the 24th job of his 100-day rooftop vigil.

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A Chicago guy has died after the was violent beaten when decorating his home for Christmas, according to the police and also his family.

Violent crimes are on the rise in significant cities like new York City, Chicago and Philadelphia, but the democratic mayors in those urban are elevating eyebrows with the means they"re responding to the crisis.

Sen. Penis Durbin, D-Ill., attempted multiple time to reduced off testimony from a conservative group"s witness during a listening on violence in Chicago.


Chicago vehicle dealership owner blames Lightfoot"s crime policies for smash-and-grab robbery: "No retribution"

The owner the a luxury vehicle dealership in Chicago sounded off at city leader after smash-and-grab thieves struck his business in a current brazen daytime robbery. Joe Perillo, co-owner that Gold shore Exotic motor Cars, stressed the police are the equipment - no the trouble - yet acknowledged the "their hands are tied" as result of Democrats" soft-on-crime policies.

Chicago police recorded an additional 25 shootings, including 4 murders, end the previous weekend alone as the city’s police superintendent and other testified Monday prior to a Senate committee on gun violence.

Pastor Corey Brooks is safety 100 nights on a Chicago rooftop in an effort to raise awareness and also to finish gun violence in the south Side.

Chicago auto dealership owner blasts Lori Lightfoot ~ brazen daytime robbery: We"re in ~ a "boiling point"

Gold coastline Exotic engine Cars owner Joe Perillo called "Fox & Friends" ~ above Monday "enough is enough" after ~ smash and also grab robbery in ~ his business.

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A Chicago police officer to be arrested and charged v murder after the mommy of one of his kids was found shot dead inside the door that her house last week, according to reports.

Sens. Blackburn, Hagerty adamantly reject Democrats" financial policy: "Everything is much more expensive"
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