Severe weather shifts, political skirmishes, and also the COVID-19 inoculation rollout have substantially increased our need for free, trusted news. Luckily, in these uncertain times, there room a ton of live TV news channels accessible for you come watch and also stream for free.

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You have the right to watch live news totally free if you have a high-speed web connection. All the big Four networks (ABC, CBS, FOX, and also NBC) are right now offering totally free 24-hour news streams.

You can additionally watch the recent news ~ above your neighborhood affiliate networks (including PBS) for totally free if you have an over-the-air (OTA) HD antenna, which provides you accessibility to daily and Sunday morning national news and also daily local coverage.

Live TV news with an HD antenna

An HD antenna can help you gain local info that national news networks ignore. 

During the initial mainly of the new coronavirus outbreak, because that example, I provided my HD antenna to gain local news around a 5.7 earthquake in Utah (where i live) the didn’t do it into the nationwide news cycle. 

An HD antenna is easy to install and usually expenses less than $50. We recommend the Mohu sheet 50 together a reliable and also affordable option.

In enhancement to the huge Four networks, there are a ton of cost-free streaming news networks (too many for one article, in fact). So we’ll simply stick to a dozen or therefore popular and upstart news networks the folks typically turn to for national news. 

ABC News

Unlike your neighborhood ABC TV channel, the alphabet News live feed offers you 24-hour news coverage. You deserve to stream David Muir and company on any web internet browser or by downloading and install the abc News application for free on her devices.

Al Jazeera

If you’re searching for international news coverage, Al Jazeera English is a solid option. Also though Al Jazeera us closed its doors critical year, you can still livestream Al Jazeera in English using a web internet browser or a streaming machine like Roku. 


Curious how the stock industry is (under)performing? Yeah, me neither. In every seriousness, though, Bloomberg delivers live financial news for cost-free on any type of web browser and also most streaming devices. 

CBS News

Yes, the home that Cronkite constructed is accessible to stream for free online. You deserve to watch CBS News on any kind of web browser and your favorite devices by downloading the CBS News app—“And that’s the means it is.”

Cheddar News

Most folks will certainly be unfamiliar v Cheddar News. That’s because Cheddar is a newcomer, billing itself together a leader in “post-cable” news. True come its brand, you can stream Cheddar from your web internet browser or a compatible an equipment like to apologize TV. 


You can watch the CNN livestream free on Pluto TV (Dr. Sanjay Gupta fans, rejoice!)—just download the Pluto TV app or watch from your net browser. Heads up, though, you’ll notification a distinction from continual CNN due to the fact that the livestream is riddled with random, intrusive ads. 

FOX News

Normally, FOX News requires a TV provider login come stream online. However FOX has actually stepped up throughout the coronavirus crisis to offer the FOX News livestream free on and also the FOX News app, which you deserve to download for cost-free on her favorite device.

NBC News

It’s not as flashy together MSNBC or CNBC, however NBC News streams 24/7 for totally free online. You have the right to watch live NBC News coverage utilizing an internet browser home window or her favorite device, such as a tablet or smartphone.


Familiar with the expression “Okay, boomer”? then you may have actually heard that Newsy—the millennial and Gen X–focused news network. Generational divides aside, you have the right to stream Newsy for free using the Roku Channel.

PBS NewsHour

While you right now can’t livestream every PBS program for totally free using your internet browser or streaming device, you have the right to stream PBS NewsHour live. So if you’re down v arts reporting (even in time of corona) native Jeffery Brown like we are, PBS NewsHour has acquired you—both live and also on demand.

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USA Today

Yes, the print classic of center America is currently streaming live TV news. If you’re curious come see just how the crossover is going, you have the right to stream USA this day live ~ above the Roku Channel.