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The supposed fight end testimonies before the congressional dashboard investigating Jan. 6 way the cases could drag out in court for months, inching as much as the midterm poll — fraught timing because that both parties. | Scott Olson/Getty Images


BAD NEWS for DEMS IN 2022: “Accelerating Inflation Spreads v the Economy,” by WSJ’s Gwynn Guilford: “Higher inflation weighs on Fed policy, starts to have actually a more comprehensive impact on price of living, wages and social-benefits programs.”

GOOD NEWS for DEMS IN 2022: Former chairman DONALD TRUMP warned that Republican voters “will not be voting” in the midterms or in 2024 if “we don’t resolve the Presidential choice Fraud that 2020.”

RICH LOWRY responds: ”I guess: v unnecessarily losing the Georgia special elections — and empowering JOE BIDEN come spend additional trillions and also get through a bunch of tragic executive branch and judicial nominees — was just the proof of concept.”

JAN. 6 dashboard FACES possible OVERSIGHT WOES — It’s a story we’ve come to be all too familiar with because Democrats took control of the residence in 2019: Lawmakers worry subpoenas come Trump White house officials — that then stonewall at his behest.

Today, the Jan. 6 committee might find itself hitting the very same roadblocks. STEVE BANNON and also KASH PATEL have been subpoenaed because that questioning today, and MARK MEADOWS and DAN SCAVINO space slated for Friday. Trump has actually asked them not to cooperate, claiming executive privilege bars their participation — an delinquent Democrats speak to bogus.

CRIMINAL CONTEMPT IS NO silver- BULLET: Members that the panel have been talking this week around referring non-compliant witnesses to DOJ because that criminal prosecution. Unlike during the trump years, castle now have actually allies in a justice Department run by democracy — at least in theory. Regularly when it comes to oversight, presidents protect their predecessors.

A.G. MERRICK GARLAND, however, has presented a willingness to help Hill investigators on this particular issue, including by ensuring privilege is waived for height DOJ officials come testify about the push they faced from Trump.

It’s unclear even if it is Garland will certainly go together with the panel’s setup to pursue criminal contempt. But even if the does, the cases could traction out in court for months, inching up to the midterm poll — fraught timing for both parties.

27 million seniors and also people with disabilities space counting on conference to stand up for Medicare Advantage. V a 98% beneficiary satisfaction rate, the lowest monthly premiums in 15 years, $1,640 in average annual consumer savings, and much better health outcomes for seniors, the no wonder the so plenty of Medicare beneficiaries entrust their health to Medicare Advantage. Read more about the Medicare advantage difference.

Some various other dynamics to watch:

— who paying the legitimate bills? Trump attorney RUDY GIULIANI complained vocally the the Republican Party didn’t pony up for his legal bills once he gained sued for defamation over several of his big Lie conspiracy theories. Could these defendants uncover themselves in a similar financial bind? If so, would certainly they be more willing to spill?

— The issue of privilege: The Biden White House has been walking a good line when it involves Trump’s insurance claims of executive privilege, describe a willingness to waive depending upon the request. Top top Wednesday, for example, White residence counsel DANA REMUS encouraged the national Archives to revolve over Trump-era documents to the panel, nevertheless of what the previous president says. Yet will they do this because that everything?

Even if castle do, trump card will practically certainly go to court to slow-moving things down, as he has actually before. The question of a previous president’s privilege being waived hasn’t been litigated before.

TOOTHLESS OVERSIGHT? The entire situation underscores just how much Hill oversight has actually been crippled in current years. Subpoenas have actually no teeth. And without authority to uphold them, Congress has actually struggled v holding Trump completely accountable.

Yes, the dashboard has had some cooperation. previous acting A.G. JEFFREY ROSEN testified because that hours before the committee in private Wednesday. Yet when it pertains to what trumped did in ~ the White house on Jan. 6, lock still have actually a real challenge.

Democrats space hoping the the threat of contempt may force some to cooperate. That a stain ~ above anyone’s record, castle argue, and also in the past, the risk alone has made some world play ball.

Rep. ADAM SCHIFF (D-Calif.) desires to change this dynamic, in component by requiring courts to conveniently resolve any questions that privilege as soon as it comes to oversight. His bill has actually yet to relocate through the House, yet it will certainly be exciting to watch where the GOP comes under on it: There’s already private talk of impeaching Biden if and when they flip the House. Together a provision would without doubt be supplied by the GOP in investigating the Biden White residence as well.

Good Thursday morning. Thanks for reading Playbook. Drop us a line: Rachael Bade, Eugene Daniels, Ryan Lizza, Tara Palmeri.

Seniors are counting on congress to stand up for the health coverage lock need and deserve. Learn an ext about exactly how Medicare advantage creates worth for taxpayers and also provides high-quality, affordable wellness coverage come a more diverse, more at-risk beneficiary population in our 2021 State that Medicare advantage report.


— 9:30 a.m.: The chairman will get the President’s daily Brief.

— 10:30 a.m.: Biden and also VP KAMALA HARRIS will obtain a pandemic/vaccination briefing in the Oval Office.

— 11:30 a.m.: Biden will speak native the Roosevelt Room to deliver a pandemic response/vaccination update.

— 12:15 p.m.: Biden and Harris will have lunch together.

— 2:15 p.m.: Biden will hold a bilateral meeting v Kenyan chairman UHURU KENYATTA in the Oval Office.


— 10 a.m.: The VP will take component in a digital town hall concentrated on the administration’s care agenda and its services for families and also women, organized by treatment Can’t Wait.

— 5:35 p.m.: Harris and 2nd gentleman DOUG EMHOFF will leave to spend the weekend in Los Angeles.

Press secretary JEN PSAKI will short at 1 p.m.

The HOUSE and THE SENATE space out.

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PHOTO that THE DAY: Blue Origin’s new Shepard lifts off delivering 90-year-old Star Trek actor wilhelm Shatner and three various other civilians close to Van Horn, Texas, ~ above Wednesday, Oct. 13. | Mario Tama/Getty Images


This is the week democrats officially hit the panic button in Virginia. Biden winner the state by 10 clues in 2020, but TERRY MCAULIFFE, the former popular governor feather to return to Richmond, leads Republican GLENN YOUNGKIN by simply 2.5 points (48.1% to 45.5%).

BARACK OBAMA, not exactly BFF through the Macker, is being sent in to stump because that him. McAuliffe has actually started distancing self from Biden and also Washington Democrats, demanding that they “get their act together.” The Crooked Media newsletter, a tipsheet for lefty Dems, claimed that it to be time come “commence your productive freakout.”

WaPo’s James Hohmann, a to crawl observer that Virginia politics, writes the “Democrats it seems ~ to be sleepwalking right into disaster” in the same means they missed warning indications of the growing backlash versus Obama in 2009: “The disdain through which McAuliffe dismisses pervasive parental tension is eerily memory of the way Democrats underestimate the potential of the emerging tea party motion 12 years ago. That was usual then for plenty of on the left to dismiss world getting involved with right-wing politics for the very first time as racist whack tasks who to be being taken advantage of by Astroturf teams funded by billionaires.”

Youngkin has been trying to conjure the spirit of trumped to excite the GOP base however without having actually Trump himself come to Virginia and scare away all the GOP-curious independents in the exurbs. On Wednesday night, a pro-Youngkin “Take back Virginia Rally” outside Richmond tested this needle-threading strategy. The event, per the AP, featured “Republicans who have spread falsehoods about election fraud,” consisting of “former trumped White home adviser Steve Bannon; Rep. MARK FINCHEM that Arizona, who has operated to overturn Trump’s 2020 loss; and Virginia state Sen. AMANDA CHASE, a prominent promoter of election fraud conspiracy theories.”

Youngkin was not there to watch attendees recite the Pledge that Allegiance before an American flag that was claimed to it is in “at the serene rally with Donald J. Trumped on Jan. 6.” and also Youngkin to let go Trump himself calling right into the event and also declaring his assistance for the GOP candidate when falsely claiming 2020 “was the most corrupt election in the background of ours country.”

The AP added: “Youngkin’s project did no respond to questions from The associated Press top top Wednesday even if it is Youngkin intended Trump would campaign with the in the last stretch or why he determined not to attend Wednesday’s event, personal from discussing the candidate’s busy travel schedule Wednesday.”


— Alice Miranda Ollstein has the reconciliation must-read the the work with a scoopy report on how progressives space desperately do the efforts to keep a proposed expansion of Medicare benefits. The prognosis? no great:

“Democratic lawmakers and also aides claimed the envisioned Medicare growth is the likeliest to drop out in that entirety due to the fact that of the high cost and also the challenge of rolling it out conveniently — a vital factor due to the fact that Democrats room planning to project on the new programs following year together they fight to maintain their slim conference majorities.”

The fact of reducing the reconciliation bill by some 40% native its initial $3.5 trillion price tag is setting in. One an elderly Democratic aide speak Alice, “We’re having to move from snips come chops.”

— Meanwhile, Eleanor Mueller reports: “Senate management is considering slashing capital for paid leave in Democrats’ reconciliation package to $300 exchange rate … That’s about $200 billion, or around 40 percent, much less than what the house approved. To obtain there, policy makers would must make major changes come the House-drafted language.”

— as reconciliation hangs in the balance, Sen. KYRSTEN SINEMA (D-Ariz.) is top top a fundraising trip to … Europe, according to NYT’s Shane Goldmacher. The senator’s shop was characteristically stingy v details around the boss’s whereabouts:

“Ms. Sinema’s office declined to say exactly how long she would certainly be abroad, what countries she to be visiting, exactly how the trip was being payment for and whether she to be doing any additional fund-raising for her very own campaign. She political team had actually reached out to collection up meetings in London and also Paris, follow to two people familiar v the matter.”

A article from better Medicare Alliance:

Rachael Bade is a 10-year veteran that the congressional press corps, wherein her story illuminated the power struggles and personal dynamics animating the significant policy clashes that Capitol Hill. She spent the previous two years covering home Democrats" oversight of the Trump administration for The Washington Post, where she routinely broke news ~ above the party"s attempts to organize the president accountable and the historic impeachment effort.She is at this time writing a book, "A Perfect phone call Call," for HarperCollins" wilhelm Morrow posting house around how and also why the move to oust trump card failed. Before joining the post in beforehand 2019, Rachael spanned Congress for, wherein she spent six years of she journalism career. From she vantage point on the Hill, she chronicled chairman Trump"s remaking that the GOP, churning the end stories through behind-the-scenes details about the struggle in between pro-Trump lawmakers and also those fearful of the new direction the the party.Rachael is a politics analyst because that CNN and also has additionally appeared top top CBS"s "Face the Nation," ABC"s "This Week" and Fox News" "Fox News Sunday." A small-town, Ohio-native, she graduated from the college of Dayton with levels in political science and also communication and is a former classic ballet dancer.
Ryan Lizza is a Playbook Co-Author and also the chef Washington Correspondent for That covers campaigns, Congress, and the White House. Since getting here in Washington in 1998, Ryan has written about national politics, policy, and also elections because that Esquire, new York magazine, GQ, The Washington Post, The brand-new Yorker, The new Republic, The brand-new York Times, and The Atlantic.Ryan, that is additionally a an elderly Political Analyst because that CNN, spanned every presidential election since 2000 and the presidencies of invoice Clinton, George W. Bush, Barack Obama, and also Donald Trump. His report on Obama winner the White house Correspondents" Association"s Aldo Beckman award because that presidential news coverage, and Lizza"s reporting on the Arab feather won the nationwide Press Club"s Edwin M. Hood Award because that Diplomatic Correspondence.Ryan prospered up in brand-new York and is a graduate the the university of California, Berkeley.
Tara Palmeri was the host and also chief investigative reporter of 2 acclaimed Sony Music podcasts — "Broken: seek Justice" and "Power: The Maxwells." She was also a White home Correspondent for alphabet News. In 2016, she relocated to Washington, D.C., come cover the Trump management for She was additionally a CNN political Analyst. Before that, she was a component of the team that launched Europe in Brussels, wherein she extended European politics and also wrote the weekly Playbook Plus tower with Ryan Heath. She was additionally a CNBC contributor.Tara"s work has actually taken her all over the people from north Korea come Afghanistan come a small strip of soil on the Danube River called "Liberland." She was even the inspiration for the tenacious reporter character in the roman a clef "Les Compromis" around mischief in halls that the european Parliament a la "House the Cards."Tara likewise reported for the new York Post"s "Page Six" and also covered brand-new York City Hall. She started her career as a news assistant because that CNN and also then go on to write the Washington Examiner"s "Yeas & Nays" column. She i graduated summa cum laude from American college in 2008.

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Eugene Daniels is a Playbook author and White residence correspondent, with a emphasis on Vice president Kamala Harris, very first Lady Dr. Jill Biden, the second Gentleman and emerging strength players in Washington. Due to the fact that joining in 2018, he’s covered the midterms, the democratic presidential primary and general election with print, video clip journalism and also podcasts. Eugene will proceed to leverage"s countless platforms as part of the Playbook team. Throughout the country’s reckoning through race in 2020, Eugene moderated’s Confronting Inequality town Hall collection that examined exactly how inequities in policing, housing, healthcare, education and employment permeate and also plague the unified States. Prior to, Eugene spanned the 2016 primary, basic election and also national politics as a politics reporter at Newsy. He started his career in neighborhood television in Colorado Springs and graduated from Colorado State college in 2012.