After a problem this afternoon, DirecTV viewers were as soon as again may be to access Fox News HD by early on this evening.

Viewers had actually been frustrated and also looking for answers after an evident technical glitch left them can not to tune in come Fox News HD.

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AT&T released the complying with statement:

Early this morning, a technological issue impacted the high an interpretation (HD) channels of the adhering to networks because that our satellite customers:

With the exception of combination and BBC human being News, we continued to administer the standard meaning (SD) execution of these channels to ours customers. Us proactively reached out to customers via social and online channels to aid ensure the they construed how to check out the content.

The HD versions of these networks for most customers were ago online early this afternoon CT.

We apologize come our customers because that the inconvenience.

The AT&T-owned satellite tv carrier, i beg your pardon has around 20 million subscribers in the U.S., apologized come customers, however initially offered no information around what was behind the problem or as soon as it can be fixed.

“We are experiencing temporary technical difficulties," read an on-screen post posted in English and Spanish to viewers searching for the channel. "Please stand by. Us apologize because that the inconvenience.”

The non-HD Fox News station was still obtainable to viewers, and also was supposedly unaffected by the problem.

The problem for some Fox News HD DirecTV viewers started previously this week, top top Wednesday, with intermittent disruptions.

Fox News has received a flurry that complaints about the disruptions, but is unable to address a difficulty that lies v DirecTV. Viewers with concerns or complaints may call DirecTV’s nationwide customer service number at (800) 531-5000.

The loss of Fox News HD has particularly angered those who have been closely following the staying days that the presidential campaign, leading part to inquiry if the trouble was in reality a technological difficulty.

“This happened at an early stage yesterday morning for a pair of hours. Now it"s off again for several hours. At first my husband were throwing roughly conspiracy jokes. Together the morning goes on, it"s no as funny,” said a write-up on the DirecTV forum page.

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“CANCELLING Dtv ~ FOX NEWS BLACKOUT,” said one more posting, left by by “a lifelong customer” to DirecTV who doubted why backup systems can not efficiently deal with the issue.


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