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Digging into many lackluster TV services that just do not seem to suit your entertainment regime can be infuriating. Through 400 cable company providers to choose from, hitting the jackpot while looking for a TV service that fulfills all her digital needs, sounds prefer a challenging job.

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However, luckily Americans have DIRECTV—the #1 satellite TV organization provider in the country, so you can relish a joyful few moments.Your find for an ideal entertainment companion just came to a reasonable conclusion. The considerable channel lineup through DIRECTV packages consists of local and also popular networks such together ABC, PBS, NBC, Nickelodeon, MNTV, FOX, and many others. So, you gain to clock a great mix that programming from every genres – lifestyle, sports, music, family members programming, news & existing affairs – you surname it, and its component of the DIRECTV channel lineup!

All about the FOX Network

Watch Fox Channel ~ above DIRECTV

The FOX Network is one of the most-watched in the U.S., maintaining Americans entertained and updated with epic programming because that over three years now. That is why FOX and also its multiplex channels are choose staples because that every channel lineup.

FOX appeared on the scene earlier in 1986 and also went on to end up being one the the many prevalent American commercial broadcast over-the-air television networks. Over the years, FOX has actually produced good content back-to-back, that all period groups can savor.

Watch Juicy contents from FOX on her DIRECTV

The FOX network has bombarded us v the hottest blockbusters movies and also TV mirrors from a myriad that genres the America loves. However that’s not all. FOX also runs a committed news channel so, you gain the scoop on the latest happenings. No to forget, the FOX sporting activities Network whereby adrenalin junkies acquire their day-to-day fix.

Want to understand what FOX has in save for you? let’s dive right in.

The only way a network deserve to outshine the competition is v its original releases, and also you can surely capture loads of stellar TV shows and also movies on FOX.

The network’s initial productions include some that the best hits ever, that wildly vary in tone. FOX is the mastermind behind The planet of the Apes, X-Men, Taken, and also The Transporter franchises, and Life of Pi, Daredevil, the latest Deadpool film series, and many more. Except that, part other large projects are also in the pipeline, such together the Avatar sequel.

Moreover, FOX has likewise released (produced or distributed) a same share of animated movies that room equally enjoyed by both kids and adults. The list contains Ice Age, Kung Fu Panda, Trolls, The boss Baby, and also many more.

But this doesn’t end here. FOX has additionally aired some great, binge-worthy TV reflects that have added to shaping today’s pop-culture - The Simpsons, family members Guy, Bob’s Burgers, jail Break and also 9-1-1 to name a few. Except TV shows and movie channels, FOX additionally runs dedicated sports, and also business networks so, viewers acquire all-around info on sporting events as well as the economy.

With such a massive library of top entertainment, it isn’t that hard to gauge the popularity of FOX among the audiences. Therefore how might the DIRECTV packages miss out top top this widely renowned American channel?

DIRECTV always endeavors to keep customer satisfaction its peak priority. The provider assures subscribers never miss out on out on your favorites. The is why networks under the FOX Network umbrella come consisted of in DIRECTV packages.

What Channel is FOX on DIRECTV?

Searching because that FOX ~ above DIRECTV among hundreds of channels may seem like searching for a needle in a haystack. Switching through innumerable channels that come v DIRECTV packages in a bid come tune into the one that you are in search of can obtain infuriating. And, it just gets worse when you invest a many time flipping v channels and miss out on your favorite show.

But no anymore!

Luckily, you have come to the right place because today we will help you make your DIRECTV channel hunting as basic as A.B.C.

The city-wide chart listed below will aid you uncover what channel is FOX ~ above DIRECTV in a issue of seconds. So that you can capture up on your favorite TV contents as soon as you rotate the TV on!

If you can not spot your city in the list, nothing fret! just use the neighborhood Channel Lookup tool to do so. Every you should do is get in your ZIP code, and also that’s it! The device will uncover for girlfriend what channel is FOX ~ above DIRECTV in your city.

CityFOX Channel Number on DIRECTV
New York City, NY5
Chicago, IL32
Los Angeles, CA11
Houston, TX26
Phoenix, AZ10
Philadelphia, PA29
San Antonio, TX29
San Diego, CA69
Dallas, TX4
San Jose, CA2
Austin, TX7
Fort Worth, TX4
San Francisco, CA2
Columbus, OH28
Charlotte, NC46
Seattle, WA13
Washington, DC5
Boston, MA25
Nashville, TN17
Detroit, MI2
Oklahoma City, OK25
Memphis, TN13
Louisville, KY41
Baltimore, MD45
Milwaukee, WI6
Albuquerque, NM16
Tucson, AZ11
Fresno, CA26
Sacramento, CA40
Mesa, AZ10
Atlanta, GA5
Kansas City, MO4
Colorado Springs, CO21
Miami, FL7
Oakland, CA2
Minneapolis, MN9
Arlington, TX4
Tampa, FL13
New Orleans, LA8

Fox business Network on DIRECTV

Fox business Network is a pay TV channel i m sorry belongs come the FOX family of networks, and is own by the Fox News Media department of the Fox Corporation. The network focuses mainly on covering news concerned business and also finance. Fox service Network is available to roughly 75 million U.S. Families with a pay-tv subscription.

Just prefer the Fox Network, Fox company is also obtainable on DIRECTV. The channel number is 359—no matter which DIRECTV package it is i.e. ENTERTAINMENT, CHOICE™, can be fried or PREMIER™.

Fox News Channel on DIRECTV

Fox News Channel or FNC is one American multinational cable news network, operated by Fox News Media, and also owned by the Fox Corporation. Fox News has been a famous news resource in the U.S., obtainable to much more than 87 million pay-tv subscribers nationwide. DIRECTV subscribers have the right to watch Fox News with all TV plans, ENTERTAINMENT, CHOICE™, ULTIMATE and PREMIER™. Tune into channel number 360, and also catch increase on the recent from around America v the Fox News Channel on DIRECTV .

Fox sporting activities 1 on DIRECTV

Fox sports 1 or FS1 is one more pay TV channel owned by the Fox Corporation, and also operated by the Fox sports Media group unit. For sporting activities fanatics FS1 supplies a transfer lineup to fall in love with. Native Live major League Baseball and also Soccer events to collegiate sports, U.S. Golf association championships, combat sports, motorsports, and also so much more, FS1 has actually it all. Girlfriend can record sports news, professional analyses, sports-related fact programs and also documentaries on FS1 together well. Talk about an all-round sporting activities channel!

FS1 is also accessible on every DIRECTV packages, ENTERTAINMENT, CHOICE™, ULTIMATE and also PREMIER™. Every you need to do is tune into channel number 219, and also start enjoying the adrenaline rush.

Fox sporting activities 2 ~ above DIRECTV

Fox sporting activities 2 is no too various from FS1. Operated by the very same unit i.e. The Fox sporting activities Media group of the Fox Corporation, it acts together an overflow channel for Fox sports 1. Formerly known as Fuel TV founded in 2003, the network originally concentrated on excessive sports. Adhering to its rebranding, the was expanded into a mainstream sports business that transfer a wider variety of sports content. But, combat sports remained a huge part the the channel’s programming lineup.

FS2 programming lineup is built around reruns of sports events, and also news & analyses programs, initially aired top top FS1. So, if you forget to catch a Live sports event that aired previously on FS1, the is okay. Due to the fact that with FS2 girlfriend can quickly catchup top top events and also shows the you often end up absent due to a hectic work schedule.

To watch Fox sports 2 top top DIRECTV, usage your remote control to tune right into channel number 618. Fox sports 2 is had in the ULTIMATE and also PREMIER™ TV packages.

Fox sports Southeast ~ above DIRECTV

Fox sports Southeast is a local sports network, i beg your pardon operates together an affiliate that the Fox sporting activities Networks. The channel gives coverage the sports events from across the southeastern U.S., and also focuses on skilled sports groups based in Atlanta, Charlotte and also Tennessee. Fox sports Southeast is obtainable as a neighborhood cable channel in the southeastern regions—Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama etc., however its satellite-based nationwide coverage is made feasible by DIRECTV.

Due come its niche, Fox sporting activities Southeast is included in the height tier DIRECTV PREMIER™ only. But, the DIRECTV Sports pack which is composed of much more than 35 sporting activities networks, consists of Fox sports Southeast. So also if you room not subscribed to PREMIER™, girlfriend can access Fox sporting activities Southeast via the DIRECTV Sports load add-on. And, the channel number you should tune into is 649.

Fox sports Sun on DIRECTV

Fox sporting activities Sun, formerly known as sun Sports and also Sunshine Network, is another regional sports channel affiliated v the Fox sporting activities Networks. The channel broadcasts regional coverage of sporting events, both collegiate and professional, from across Florida. And, focuses on pro groups from Miami, Tampa and Orlando.

Fox sporting activities Sun is easily accessible everywhere in Florida via cable providers. But, that is nationwide ease of access comes through satellite service, such as that detailed by DIRECTV. Like Fox sporting activities Southeast, Fox sporting activities Sun is also obtainable only through the DIRECTV PREMIER™ package. You can however add the channel to her lineup by subscribing come the DIRECTV sporting activities Pack. And, tune into channel number 653 to catch on every the activity from her favorite Floridian teams.

DIRECTV Packages space Wholesome because that Everyone!

DIRECTV, the well-known satellite TV service in the U.S uses a plethora the juicy entertainment alternatives for everyone. DIRECTV packages bring you the best TV contents in the U.S. In picture-perfect high quality – the industry’s best picture format. With many thanks come the 99% signal reliability across the country – basically anywhere you acquire a clear check out of the southern sky.

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DIRECTV packages take her entertainment regimen up a notch. The fun-packed DIRECTV packages bring you a best of 330 channels, a lineup brimming v premium content. Clock Live TV v 4k programming, tens and also thousands of On need titles; access the complimentary DIRECTV app; and get GENIE HD DVR in ~ no extr costs v 200 HD hours worth the recordings to conserve all her favorite TV shows.

Choose from fifty percent a dozen DIRECTV packages to meet your digital needs, and get the best in-home entertainment for the whole family – that as well without break the bank!