A Saudi prince doesn"t really "co-own" Fox News, and Fox political commentator Megyn Kelly didn"t pose with him.

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Published12 respectable 2015

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 Claim: A photo shows Fox political commentator Megyn Kelly posing v a Saudi prince that co-owns Fox News.
greatly FALSE

WHAT’S TRUE: A Saudi prince own a minority share the Twenty-First Century Fox, the parent corporation of Fox News, via an investment firm.

WHAT’S FALSE: The photo of Megyn Kelly posing is a fabrication, and the Saudi prince is not really a “co-owner” the Fox News.



Origins: Rumors about Saudi nationals and the ownership of Fox News have been circulating virtual for years; and also interest in the rumors was revitalized in august 2015 after ~ Fox News politics commentator Megyn Kelly grilled organization magnate and GOP presidential optimistic Donald Trump during a Republican candidates’ debate earlier the month.

Kelly (to a far larger degree than she co-moderators Bret Baier and also Chris Wallace) was criticized by Trump and his pendant for supposedly treating Trump unfairly during that debate, and not long later on the meme displayed over began turn online, casting Kelly as the confront of a purported sinister alliance in between Fox News and Saudi operatives.

First of all, the image used in that meme is a fake, as the unaltered initial photograph of Kelly proves that her likeness was added to a step at which she was no present:


The case that Saudi Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal is “co-owner” that Fox News is also misleading, though less a matter of Photoshop and more one stemming indigenous the slightly complicated realm that investments and holdings in relationship to big media corporations.

The ax “co-owner” typically refers come a person who holds a 50% share in a organization entity, or at least a share comparable to the of the other biggest stakeholders, but Al-Waleed does no qualify on either count. According to news accounts, Prince Al-Waleed’s investment firm, Kingdom holding Company, holds a 6.6% stake in 21st Century Fox, the parent corporation the the Fox News team (which consists of the Fox News Channel and the Fox organization Network) — a sizable chunk, but far indigenous a regulating or co-controlling attention in the company.

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If such minority institutional holdings qualify as “co-ownership,” then Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal would additionally have come be thought about a “co-owner” of service entities such as Twitter and Citigroup.