Account Question:

1h earlier “I"m may be to access my account” 21h back “I signed up for trial because that .99 little bit i i do not know watch live tv. The keeps asking me come sign right into my cable provider. I have actually rokue no a cable provider. It functioned the various other day because that live tv without asking me to authorize in.” 1d back “Says my email or password is wrong.”

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Activation/ Cancellation Question:

2d back “Cancel Fox Nation” 3d earlier “Trying come cancel because that over an hour. Pls help.” 5d ago “Cannot clock on my Tv ~ I have actually subscribed because that the veteran promotion”

Payments and Charges Question:

2d earlier “Need to readjust my payment” 7d back “Change payment method” 8d ago “Charges”

Request for information Question:

1d ago “Want to speak to in person questions.” 4d ago “Need assist sigbing in” 11d back “I am having a difficulty getting Fox country back on my TV. I had signed up a while back and watched the on mine TV. Now, as soon as I shot to clock it, that keeps requesting the I authorize up for cost-free trial.”

Product/ company Question:

2d ago “Can"t connect on one more tv” 10d earlier “Subscription” 11d back “One year first responder promo not working”

Staff Question:

5h back “In september ns siigned up and paid for Patriot service, however, now I can not access a fox country programming” 4d ago “Get service” 12d earlier “Notify of roku charging veterans for service”

Shipping and Delivery Question:

8d earlier “Did not get my pay every view” 13d earlier “Where is our 1Year cost-free Military Discount???” 1M earlier “Where is Dan Bongino display today”

Website/ application Question:

1M ago “Having a problem with the enrollment application” 1M back “Website will certainly not identify my login” 1M ago “Paying the money, can"t acquire on the site”

Return/ change Question:

1M earlier “I have a brand-new email address and am not utilizing the old address. I require to adjust and update this info and get any place to execute this.” 2M earlier “I join fox country the first month castle opened. Climate I visited Singapore whereby it can not be seen. Upon return to USA in July 2021 i cannot acquire into email on mine account because my email deal with is provided and your computer system thinks I"m trying to I”

Other Question:

8h ago “Can"t stream it on mine iPhone. Keep gaining a display screen recording error.” 1d earlier “Fox nation complimentary year signup” 1d earlier “I wanna join”

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