Greg Abbott: Texas will increase arrests, build wall surface at border

Texas governor lays out the state"s arrangement to control the surging in migration and alien crime.

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Texas voter are split on Gov. Greg Abbott’s push to develop a wall along his state’s border v Mexico and are separation over even if it is the two-term Republican governor deserves to it is in reelected next year, follow to a brand-new poll.

The survey from Quinnipiac University likewise indicates the a bulk of Texans don’t want previous Rep. Beto O’Rourke to run for governor following year – and also a plurality don’t favor a project by actor MatthewMcConaughey.


With chairman Biden’s administration halting building of a wall surface along the southern border that was started under president Trump, Abbott critical week announced that Texas would carry out a down payment the $250 million to develop its own wall.

The poll shows that 50% of Texan voters assistance Abbott’s proposal, with 46% opposed. Together expected, yes a substantial partisan divide, v 89% that Republicans sustaining the governor’s push and 83% of democrats opposed.

The poll was released on Wednesday, a couple of hrs after the announcement that Vice chairman Kamala Harris will take trip to the U.S.-Mexican border ~ above Friday, after weeks that GOP criticism over a lack of visit by the angry president, that heads increase the Biden administration’s initiatives to stem the rise of migrants from main America right into the U.S. Next week Abbott will sign up with Trump in make a expedition to the southern border.

While Texans are split on the governor’s border wall proposal, the poll shows that through a 55%-38% margin, they assistance Abbott’s push to arrest people who illegally overcome the border into the Lone Star State.

Texans are split on just how Abbott’s taking care of the overall situation in ~ the border, v 47% approving and also 46% disapproving. However Biden’s fine under water ~ above the issue amongst Texas voters, through 29% approval and also 64% disapproval.


Abbott’s in its entirety approval/disapproval project rating stands at 48%-46%, little changed native a year back in Quinnipiac polling. Asked whether Abbott deserves reelection in the longtime reliably red state of Texas – which has become an ext competitive in recent years – 46% said yes and 48% claimed no.

"A Trump favourite in a state the is turning less red in recent election cycles, Abbott has actually a decent but in no means overwhelming understand on reelection," Quinnipiac university polling analyst Tim Malloy said.

But just 41% desire O’Rourke to do a gubernatorial run in 2022, v 52% opposed. O’Rourke, who narrowly lost his 2018 Democratic difficulty against Republican Sen. Ted Cruz prior to launching an unsuccessful bid because that his party’s 2020 presidential nomination, is mulling a run for governor. Just over three-quarters of democracy would favor to see O’Rourke run, with nearly nine out of 10 republicans opposed and also independents divided.

Texas native and also famous gibbs Matthew McConaughey is grabbing national attention together he flirts v a gubernatorial run. Forty-one percent of those questioned in the poll claimed they’d favor to view McConaughey – who party affiliation is unsure – operation for governor, through 47% opposed.


"McConaughey and also O"Rourke might still it is in on the fence, however their numbers imply they have the attention of voters," Malloy noted.

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The Quinnipiac university poll was performed June 15-21, v 1,099 registered voters in Texas questioned. The survey’s overall sampling error is plus or minus three portion points.


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