The Republican nationwide Committee may avoid major television networks if presidential debates aren’t reformed significantly by 2024, David Bossie, president of citizens United, supposedly said Friday.

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Fox Nation"s "Great Debates" highlights the influence presidential debates have had actually on the outcome of elections with history.

The Republican nationwide Committee is taking aim in ~ the company that for an ext than three years has hosted and also produced the presidential and vice presidential general election debates.

Vice chairman Harris quote the now-backpedaled report that Russia put bounties on the top of U.S. Soldiers throughout a general election controversy in October with previous Vice chairman Mike Pence.


Tony Bobulinski, a former service associate that Hunter Biden, will certainly tell "Tucker Carlson Tonight" in an to exclude, interview Tuesday evening that Joe Biden"s denials of expertise or authorized in his son"s international dealings are "a turoulend lie."


Welcome come the final week of among the most vengeful and acrimonious elections in our country’s history.

When president Trump accused autonomous presidential nominee Joe Biden at their conflict Thursday of sustaining socialized medicine, Biden called the insurance claim “ridiculous.” but in fact, trump is right.

"Saturday Night Live" satirized last week’s final presidential debate in this weekend"s cold open by first making funny of the novel mute switch that was presented Thursday to save the candidates from interrupting each other.

John Daly expects to be happy top top Nov. 3. The expects his friend, president Trump, to victory a 2nd term.

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There will be a temptation by part supporters of chairman Trump to relax now that the conflict is over, since the president supposedly did so well. This would be a substantial mistake.

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