Fox News has actually named Jacqui Heinrich together a White residence correspondent because that the network, The Hill has actually learned exclusively.

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Heinrich, formerly a congressional correspondent for Fox, will occupational alongside current White home correspondent Peter Doocy covering the Biden administration beginning this week.

The move provides the network an additional face at the White residence to bolster that is coverage that the management as the midterm elections approach.

Doocy has sparred repetitively with White House press secretary Jen Psaki

Jen PsakiManchin frustrates Democrats through latest eight White residence "confident" Manchin will back reconciliation frame Manchin demands framework vote; holds off assistance on security bill more during briefings, consisting of last month once she criticized a "loaded and inaccurate" question from him around vaccine misinformation on social media. 

The tense exchange came at a time as soon as the management has search to with Fox audiences in an initiative to an increase vaccine numbers.

The network claimed that Fox News"s Aishah Hasnie will likewise be advocated to congressional correspondent and replace Heinrich. The outlet also announced the hiring of Alexandria Hoff, previously a reporter at CBS affiliate KYW-TV in Philadelphia, who will begin as a Washington, D.C.-based general assignment reporter in September. 

“We look forward to including Jacqui to our exceptional White home team together Peter Doocy and also are pleased to welcome Aishah and also Alex to our impressive Washington bureau," said Jay Wallace, president and executive editor of Fox News Media.

Heinrich, that joined Fox News in 2018, stated covering the White House has actually been "a lifelong dream" of hers.

"I to be honored to have actually the opportunity to report on the greatest levels the the united States government for ours audience and also look forward to working very closely with our extremely talented team," she said.


During she time in ~ Fox, Heinrich has actually covered both the Democratic and Republican nationwide conventions, Biden"s inauguration ceremonies and all the significant development top top Capitol Hill from previous President Trump

Donald TrumpRepublicans poised to move Virginia, stunning Democrats 5 takeaways native a grim night because that Democrats new Jersey governor"s race as well close to call MORE"s 2nd impeachment come the recurring congressional conflict over framework spending.

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Doocy to be hired to cover Biden"s White home in January. In May, former White house correspondent Kristin Fisher announced she was leaving the network and joining CNN to offer as a correspondent extending space.