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Fox News’ move to adjust its on-air image continued Wednesday with news the the network to be no longer using the “Fair and also Balanced” slogan, prompting reactions and also curiosity end a network that shows up to be in soul-searching mode.

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Gabriel Sherman, a brand-new York magazine reporter who has covered the network generally over the years, broke the story indicating the Fox News executives last August started moving far from the old slogan in donate of its other one: “Most Watched. Most Trusted.”

Inside sources reportedly told Sherman that the old “Fair and Balanced” slogan was often mocked and also was “too closely connected with Roger” Ailes, the network founder who passed away in might after being thrust out that the agency amid a sex-related harassment scandal.

Ailes resigned native Fox News in July 2016 following a cable of sexual harassment allegations versus him. According to Sherman, it to be Ailes who came up v the slogan as soon as he introduced the network in 1996. Court documents show it was trademarked in 2003.

For plenty of years, Fox News was a ratings juggernaut. In spite of its success, many world ridiculed the slogan. Jon Stewart, the former host that “The everyday Show,” mocked it. And now-Sen. Al Franken, D-Minnesota, once published a publication parodying the slogan.

Criticism of it stubborn to this day. As news broke that the network was abandoning the slogan, many civilization took come Twitter to take your shot at the 21-year-old tagline.

Since Ailes’ exit last year, the network has actually undergone a significant shakeup the its on-air lineup. In early on January this year, organize Megyn Kelly left the network to go after her own show on NBC. Then, in April, the host of the network’s most successful show, bill O’Reilly, to be ousted after that too faced a sex-related harassment scandal.

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Later the month, the network announced Tucker Carlson would certainly take end O’Reilly’s night spot. A few weeks later, in May, the network abruptly fired Bob Beckel, a co-host top top “The Five” prime-time speak show, over a gyeongju remark the made to an African-American colleague.

Could the readjust in slogan be showing a brand-new direction the network is taking post-Ailes? Joy-Ann Reid, an MSNBC politics commentator, mused about the significance of such a change in period when other online media outlets favor Breitbart News and the day-to-day Caller contend for the exact same audience.

CNN later reported that Fox may soon present a new slogan, however that report was not yet shown by the network. What perform you think should be the new slogan for Fox News? Chime in v your thoughts.

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