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Andreana Kostantina Tantaros is an American conservative politics analyst and also commentator. She was a co-host the "Outnumbered" top top Fox News Channel, and an initial co-host that "The Five." She sued Fox News in august 2016, claiming sexual harassment, yet case was dismissed in court in may 2018.

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Tantaros was born and raised in Allentown, Pennsylvania, wherein she to visit Parkland High School. She father is a Greek immigrant, and her mom is the Italian descent. Her family members owned the Pied Piper Diner, whereby she worked. She i graduated from Lehigh University v a degree in French and also journalism, gift fluent additionally in Greek and also Spanish. Together she was finishing she degree, Andrea operated as an intern because that CNN"s "Crossfire" program, as soon as she assisted cover the Republican national Convention in Philadelphia. She completed her graduate researches at the Sorbonne in Paris, France, wherein she earn a master"s degree. After returning from Paris in 2003, Tantaros relocated to Washington, D.C.

Tantaros functioned as a spokeswoman for Massachusetts governor William Weld, then Congressman beat Toomey and former national Republican conference Committee Chairman cutting board Reynolds. After relocating to brand-new York City in 2005, she began Andrea Tantaros Media, which provided crisis management and media strategy consulting come Fortune 500 companies and political campaigns. Tantaros joined Fox News Channel in April 2010 as a political contributor. In 2011, she was named a co-host the The Five. After number of months the airing, The five consistently win its rivals on MSNBC and also CNN linked and by 2013, it to be the second-most watched regime in cable news.

Tantaros walk on to co-host outnumbered in 2014. ~ initiating formal complaints of sex-related harassment against Fox News personnel, ~ above April 25, 2016, she to be pulled from the present for what Fox News stated were "contract issues." In respectable 2016, Tantaros filed a sue claiming the she approached Fox News executives around Roger Ailes sexually harassing her in 2015. She stated that she allegations resulted very first in her being steeling from The 5 to Outnumbered, and then in her being taken turn off the air in April 2016. The lawsuit likewise claimed the Bill O"Reilly, Dean Cain, and also Scott Brown made unreasonable comments come her, and also that Brown and also Cain touched she without her consent. She amended complaint, filed on January 29, 2018, included details intended to earlier up her cases of a culture of harassment—including spying top top employees—at the network. However, the complaint, too, was rejected. On may 18, 2018, judge George B. Daniels threw her instance out, citing lack of "factual support." Tantaros, through no formal legit training, had determined to represent herself in the instance after going through three lawyers.

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