Megyn Kelly, presented here in 2018, speaks of the humiliation she felt following a meeting through Roger Ailes. "I placed myself v school. ... I said before commonwealth courts that appeal everywhere the nation. I come here, I’m covering the United states Supreme Court. And now he wants me to twirl, and I go it. If friend don’t acquire how demeaning that is, i can’t help you.” (Phillip Faraone/Getty pictures for Fortune)
As the young mrs excitedly pitched herself for a task to the company’s an elderly executive, a guy dressed in an high-quality suit, he appeared to be listening intently, nodding as she listed all that the skills she could carry to the position. Then, he offered her one order: “Do a small spin because that me.”

The uncomfortable scene originates from the recently released movie “Bombshell,” but the story might have been told by numerous women at Fox News who said previous chief executive roger Ailes asked them the same inquiry in his office.

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“Turn about let me watch your ass,” Juliet Huddy, a previous Fox News host, recalled Ailes informing her in a video shared Thursday through Megyn Kelly after the females watched the movie together. Two other victims that harassment in ~ Fox, Rudi Bakhtiar and also Julie Zann, joined them to share their thoughts top top the fictionalized drama about the scandal that upended their careers.

All four of the women claimed Ailes had actually asked them come twirl for him. Just Bakhtiar, a former Fox News correspondent, stated she refused. Kelly recalled the humiliation she feel after Ailes asked she to spin for him.

“I remember feeling like, I placed myself v school; i was available partnership in ~ Jones Day, among the ideal law this firm in the world; I said before commonwealth courts the appeal anywhere the nation. I come here, I’m extending the United states Supreme Court,” Kelly said. “And currently he wants me come twirl, and I go it. If you don’t acquire how demeaning the is, ns can’t aid you.”

Sitting with each other in a dark theater for a exclusive screening of the movie, the females tearfully watched together actors played the end the life-altering moment of sex-related harassment they endured at the tv network. The conversation readily available a rare, and an extremely public, reflection of what victims of sex-related harassment at the workplace are feeling together their #MeToo stories are adapted for the huge screen and pop culture entertainment.

Throughout the video, Kelly review from journals she kept throughout her at an early stage days in ~ Fox News, once she stated she endured sexual developments from Ailes.

“I feel very much prefer the woman in instances I supplied to read, wanting it come stop yet feeling powerless to ensure that is end,” she wrote on Jan. 27, 2006, ~ an incident where Ailes accused tried come kiss her in his office. “I was in his office and we to be hugging goodbye, and he kept holding mine arms, looking into my eyes and also then the kissed me ~ above the lips. His lips to be wet and he smelled prefer alcohol. So f------ awkward.”

Although Kelly preserved her project at the right-leaning news channel, the other three women lost their work after reporting occurrences of sexual harassment against the likes of previous Fox News titans Ailes, anchor Brian Wilson and also host bill O’Reilly. All 4 women agreed the turn scene recorded their experiences well. Still, castle said, the movie couldn’t catch the depth of your horror.

The Post's Margaret Sullivan looks at the tradition Ailes pipeline behind and also the country he assisted shape. (Erin Patrick O'Connor/The Washington Post)

“It to be worse 보다 that,” claimed Zann, who worked as a Fox News producer and accused Ailes of sex-related harassment, once asked because that her prompt reaction to the film. She included that the movie “really let i get it off easy.”

Ailes, who died in 2017, left Fox News after former host Gretchen Carlson filed a lawsuit versus him alleging the sabotaged she career after she refuse to have sex through him. Twenty-five other women came forward with allegations of sexual harassment and abuse versus Ailes. Fox News declined a request for comment.

Thursday’s discussion marks Kelly’s very first public comments following the release of “Bombshell,” which has sparked disagreement among Fox News insiders over how accurately the movie portrayed the downfall of Ailes.

Kelly ultimately left Fox come briefly hold an hour the NBC’s “Today” show in 2017 before leaving amid negative ratings and a debate involving allegations that racism and retaliation for she reporting on an additional sexual harassment scandal.

Kelly took a swipe in ~ NBC in she reaction come “Bombshell,” when describing the are afraid of being fired because that reporting sex-related harassment. She said countless women wonder: “What will certainly it be choose at the next place?”

“I deserve to tell you, having gone native Fox come NBC, that going to be an extremely much prefer the critical place,” she said.

Bakhtiar, that had been at CNN before joining Fox News in 2006, said a scene wherein Wilson, the anchor, asks she to take him as much as her hotel room “really taken place that way.”

All the the women had actually an emotionally reaction come a scene whereby Margot Robbie’s character, Kayla, a composite representing number of women in ~ Fox News, blamed the fictionalized Kelly for no reporting the sexual harassment she proficient years before, leaving Ailes in a place to harass ladies for a decade.

“This is shameful since it’s unfactual and also it’s victim shaming,” Zann said, speaking straight to Kelly. “You to be a actual support system.”

Although she agreed the step wasn’t accurate, Kelly said she wouldn’t desire to eliminate it from the film.

“The truth is the I’ve looked ago on my own life, every minute from that moment forward, and also I perform wish I had actually done more,” Kelly said. “Even though i was powerless, even though that would have actually been a suicidal move career-wise. What if I had actually just said, ‘Screw it"?"

Kelly, who increased to become the most prominent and also successful woman working on-air because that Fox News, teared up as she considered how speak up in 2006 once Ailes tried come kiss her can have transformed the next 10 years at the company.

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“What if I had actually thrown myself right into the fire earlier then?” she stated to Zann, who claimed she experienced almost the precise same harassment as Kelly several years later. “Maybe that wouldn’t have actually happened come you.”

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