Vermont city council Bernie Sanders deserve to be a polarizing figure, v detractors—including former secretary of state Hillary Clinton—frequently dismissing his positions together extremist and criticizing him because that being irascible or angry. (Some have detailed that such criticisms of Sanders’s demeanor evoke anti-Semitism and also classism.)

However, in a Monday town hall—on Fox News, of all places—Sanders take it the possibility to respond to this characterization the him and also his policies. “I hear that every day, i hear it in the media, ns hear that from my opponents: Bernie is one extremist. Bernie is also radical. Okay, let’s resolve it,” claims Sanders, walk on come do, well, just that. Clock the full video below:

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In the two-minute video, Sanders addresses the significant tenets of his campaign, asking, “Is increasing a scarcity minimum fairy of $7.25 an hour, which has not been raised in 10 years, come $15 an hour, a living wage, a radical idea? Is making publicly colleges and universities tuition cost-free so that all of our people have the chance to gain a higher education in a competitive worldwide economy, is that a radical idea? Is doing what every other major country on planet does, guaranteeing health care to all as a passing a ‘Medicare for all,’ single-payer system a radical idea?" The group responded “no!” in chorus to each question, yet Sanders wasn’t done yet.

Sanders damaged briefly to resolve Donald Trump, a regular Fox viewer. “Donald Trump—I recognize he’s ~ above the network a entirety lot—Donald, you’re more than likely watching, just how are you?“ that said, earning laughs indigenous the audience prior to going on to say the the president think of climate adjust as “a hoax.”

“I think that climate adjust is an existential hazard to this planet, and I will certainly listen come the scientists who tell united state that us have got to move aggressively to change our power system far from fossil fuel to power efficiency and sustainable energy,” Sanders said, underscoring his main allude once again to loud applause: “I simply don’t think any of those concepts are radical.”

Sanders and also his supporters will likely continue to it is in blamed for fostering a discourteous atmosphere during the 2020 presidential race, yet this clip reflects that Sanders is much more than capable of reorienting the conversation away from his personal reputation and back to where it belongs: the issues.


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