NFL picks against the spread. Main 6 edition. There’s part rather interesting games top top this week’s slate, beginning with the Chicago bears hosting the green Bay Packers in very early Sunday afternoon matchup. Chicago has actually won two consecutive v rookie Justin fields under center.

Also ~ above Sunday, Justin Herbert and the red-hot Los Angeles Chargers will certainly head come Maryland to take on the Baltimore Ravens. Deserve to the sophomore signal caller pull turn off an upset? these are among our NFL picks versus the spread out for week 6.

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NFL picks versus the spread: best Week 6 bets

Houston Texans (+10.0) to cover against Indianapolis Colts

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Despite losing four consecutive because a season-opening win, us like just how the Houston Texans have actually at the very least been competitive under first-year head coach David Culley. That contained a narrow 25-22 loss to the new England Patriots in main 5. Appropriate now, we’d be a little hesitant on the large point diffusion in Texans gamings simply because of that fact.

As because that the Colts, a current win over the Miami dolphin doesn’t adjust things as well much. Here’s a team that offered up 25-plus clues in every of its first three games — all losses. Carson Wentz is good for a dumb mistake or 2 per game, too. Every this amounts to a small Colts win with Houston beating the present spread.

NFL picks: Colts 27, Texans 23

Chicago bears (+4.5) come beat eco-friendly Bay Packers

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Two continuous Chicago bears wins through rookie quarterback Justin areas under center. When the Ohio State product has actually not had to perform too much in this starts, his capability to manage the video game has proven to be big. That’s particularly true with Chicago having given up a total of 23 points over the past two games. That is defense is borderline elite.

Still speak a four-game winning streak after critical week’s overtime success over the Cincinnati Bengals, there’s some major questions for Aaron Rodgers and also Co. Heading into Week 6. That is defense is on pace to give up a resounding 41 touchdown passes. That must bode well for Fields.

NFL picks: bears 24, Packers 21

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Minnesota Vikings (+1.0) to beat Carolina Panthers

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It’s going to it is in all around whether Christian McCaffrey deserve to return because that Week 6. Appropriate now, I’d bet versus that happening. If not, Sam Darnold gift left the end on an island come jump begin Carolina’s violation can’t be seen as a good thing. End the course of the past two games, he’s thrown 5 interceptions. That come after a brilliant start to his Panthers career.

As because that the Vikings, your rebuilt defense has actually yielded a mere six passing touchdowns in five games. If Kirk Cousins can proceed to play somewhat mistake-free football (two interceptions on the season), that will certainly be the distinction as Minnesota pulls the roadway upset and moves come 3-3.

NFL picks: Vikings 28, Panthers 24

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Los Angeles Chargers (+3.0) come beat Baltimore Ravens

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Justin Herbert, NFL MVP? It’s now beginning to look prefer this might be a real opportunity for the sophomore signal caller. He has actually Los Angeles in ~ 4-1 ~ above the season through its only loss coming versus another four-win team in the of the Dallas Cowboys. Every said, Herbert has actually thrown because that 1,576 yards through 13 touchdowns and also three interceptions in 5 games.

We’re not offered on Lamar Jackson and his Ravens violation being maybe to store up with a Chargers unit that simply took it to the Cleveland Browns and also is averaging phibìc of four touchdowns per game. This is the upset distinct of NFL week 6.

NFL picks: Chargers 31, Ravens 27

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