Do girlfriend hate obtaining nickeled and dimed? numerous renters overlook vehicle rental additional driver fees. Whether you plan on sharing the steering or just want extr flexibility, it have the right to be practically to include another driver her rental contract. However at $10 every day or more, this fee adds up quickly—unless you find a method to protect against it altogether.

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Be certain to add all potential drivers to her rental contract. If girlfriend skip this step and also a non-listed driver gets right into an accident, then her insurance or damage waiver will certainly be voided. It’s not worth taking the threat of obtaining hit through a substantial bill if there’s one accident.

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There are times when automobile rental additional driver fees don’t apply:

The California Exception

Renting a car in California? great news: through law, there space no added driver fees in California. This goes for every companies, whether the extr driver is a spouse or who unrelated come you.

Remember, not just anyone deserve to take the wheel. The added driver requirements to present a valid driver’s license and in enhancement be detailed on the contract.

The brand-new York Reprieve

The State of new York provides renters a bit of a rest by capping the additional driver fee at $5 per extr driver per day. That’s about fifty percent of whatrentalcompanies fee in various other states. It will get even better in mid-2023 as soon as the latest law borders the maximum amount rental companies can charge to $5in totalper rental for secondary driver.

The exemption for pair in part States

In addition to California, where all additional drivers are free, part states permit the main driver’s spouse to be an automatically authorized added driver without a fee.

When a spouse is legally authorized as an additional driver through state law, that is not crucial to clearly list lock on the rental contract. In fact, by act so, the rental agency may push you come pay an additional driver fee once it is unnecessary to execute so.

States where the primary driver’s spouse is automatically detailed as an extra driver include:


In Nevada, the fees is capped by law, but adjusts annually based on inflation.

In every various other state, there space no legal restrictions on automobile rental added driver fees, for this reason it pays to shot to avoid the charge using one of the techniques below.

Additional Driver Fee plans by vehicle Rental Company

It’s crucial to keep in mind the plans of every company, because not all are created equal:

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There is no added driver fee because that a spouse, domestic partner or service partner. For other additional drivers, over there is a charge of $15 every day because that each additional authorized driver.


There is no extr driver fee for a spouse or domestic partner. Other people will incur a per-day fee. Avis and Budget right now charge $13 every day at many locations but cap the fee at $65 per rental.


Both companies frequently charge every day because that all added drivers (including spouses). The exemption to this preeminence is the spouses deserve to drive for totally free for members of Dollar’s Express and Thrifty’s Blue Chip programs.


There is a day-to-day charge because that all additional drivers, yet if you are a member that Hertz yellow Plus Rewards, the fees is waived for a spouse or residential partner. At corporate and participating licensee locations, the extr fee is roughly $13.50 every day through a preferably of $189.00 per rental because that each added driver.


The fee is always waived for a spouse or domestic partner that the renter. In addition, household members share the same attend to as a renter who is also a National’s Emerald club member can likewise drive because that free.


Silvercar does no charge because that any added driver that meets rental requirements. It’s a very customer-friendly policy, but then again, you often pay significantly an ext for the privilege of driving your Audis.


There is a everyday charge because that all extr drivers including spouses.


For other companies, call the firm directly to confirm the policy on extr drivers. Any type of savings you gain from a discount brand may be wiped out by a fees for second driver.

Memberships that Cover additional Driver Fees

Another way to get about the additional driver fees is to use a membership discount code. The following organizations permit secondary driver in ~ no charge if booked with a member discount:

AAA: Members deserve to list extr drivers in ~ no charge v Hertz, Dollar, or Thrifty when they publication with the AAA discount password at participating U.S. And Canada locations.

AARP: Members acquire a totally free additional driver in ~ Avis and also Budget once booked through the AARP discount code at participating locations.

Costco: Members acquire a complimentary additional driver at Alamo and also Enterprise once booked with the Costco discount code at places in the U.S., Canada, U.K., France, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, and also Spain. In ~ Avis and also Budget, the Costco code just kills the added driver dues in the joined States.

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USAA: at Hertz, USAA members can use a discount code to stop the fee because that a spouse or adult children. At Enterprise, there’s no fee for adding spouses and also USAA household members to the rental agreement. Through Avis and Budget, there’s no fee for spouses or other USAA members.

Many exemptions space automatic and don’t call for listing the qualifying extr driver top top the rental agreement. In fact, specifically listing someone on the contract may finish up backfiring and triggering secondary driver fee that you space actually licensed has been granted to waive. If you’re unclear, always ask the rental agent for confirmation.

The Takeaway on extr Driver Fees

With a small bit of planning, you can avoid paying a fee once you require to add a second driver to your rental contract. Renters in California acquire a complimentary pass nevertheless of company, as execute customers of Silvercar, and also spouses or residential partners as soon as renting from Avis, Budget, Enterprise, Alamo, or Fox, and in many states through law. If none of these instances apply, climate you can regularly avoid the fees by authorized a constant renter regime or utilizing a membership discount code. Be certain to calculation all costs before booking.

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If an additional driver can’t be existing when you pick up the car, you deserve to visit any of the brand’s locations and also make the adjust later.