The below T&Cs (including prices and taxes) are noted by Fox rent a Car and also may adjust without notice to

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This quote includes:

All taxes, plane taxes and surcharges if applicableStated mileage amount (generally unlimited, see below for extra mileage charges)Vehicle registration feeOne means fees if applicableAll car fees concerned the booking e.g. Auto drop fees, every recovery fees, premium ar fees, corporate place fees wherever applicable.

This quote will certainly not include:

A Fox Surcharge ( Surcharge different by Location)FuelInsurance (See next paragraph*)Child seats or booster seats (can it is in purchased after confirmation for generally $7.00 us per day).Additional motorists are charged roughly $10 per extr driver (Fee varies by Location)An period surcharge of $20-26 per day (depending top top location) plus regional tax and surcharges because that renters under 25 year of age.Any extras signed up for upon arrival, e.g gps at approximately $9.99 per day plus local tax and also surcharges.All extras and extr services will attract additional local percent taxes and also surcharges. Prices listed below are to exclude, of these together they differ state to state depot to depot.

Modifying Booking

Modifying your booking may change the original quoted price. Because that details on how to modify her booking you re welcome click the "My Booking" tab above.

Multiple or Duplicate Reservations

If you call for multiple vehicles because that the very same or overlapping time periods, you re welcome make certain to use a various name because that each reservation, otherwise the duplicate surname reservation will automatically be cancelled. FOX will certainly not it is in responsible for any kind of cancelled reservations.

* vital information about car rental insurance

For united state citizens Some us credit cards and personal car insurance policies do administer car rental insurance therefore please check with your credit card provider and personal auto insurance policy for details.

Visiting the united state from one more country that is illegal to drive in the united state without car insurance. Your travel insurance most likely only covers the overabundance so examine the fine print in your travel insurance policy. For more information please watch our U.S. Vehicle rental insurance allowance guide.

Driver"s License

All renters/drivers will certainly be required, at the time of rental, to it is provided a valid driver patent (U.S., or nation License accompanied through an international license and also passport)


The minimum age for renters and drivers to publication through is 21. NOTE: Minimum period for renters and drivers is 19. Renters under 25 room subject to an underage surcharge. You re welcome see period Surcharge ar below. Renters listed below 19 can book directly with Fox rent a Car.

Additional Drivers

Additional chauffeurs must meet all qualifications together the primary driver in regards come age and license requirements. Added drivers room not permitted when using a Debit card or Cash as payment at the time of rental. Fees for added Drivers - USD/10.00 per day in Colorado, Florida, Nevada and also Utah. USD/8.00 every day in Arizona and Washington. There is no charge for California locations.

Age Surcharge

Minimum age for renters and drivers is 19. Minimum age for renters and also drivers on federal government orders is 18. Renters and also drivers under the age of 25 space subject come an underage fee of USD $20-26* every day (depending ~ above location).

Payment plan - credit transaction Cards

1. Valid chauffeurs license and credit card should be in the exact same name.2. Credit transaction card should have obtainable funds that USD/200.00 or approximated amount the rental charges plus USD/100.00whichever is greater. If renters major residence is in ~ 150 mile radius the the rental place the credit transaction Card must have available funds of USD/300.00 or approximated amount of rental charges add to USD/100.00 whichever is greater. Deal with as proclaimed on renters valid vehicle drivers license will certainly be referenced to determine renters major residence.3. In ~ time that rental credit transaction card funds will certainly be taken as a deposit versus rental charges. All required obtainable funds will certainly be caught as a deposit at time that rental. Unused funds will certainly be went back through the credit card processor after car return. early to financial institution processing it have the right to take in between 2 come 5 work to show up on her account as soon as using this type of payment.NOTE
- deal with as declared on renters valid vehicle drivers license will certainly be referenced to recognize renters major residence. NOTE - all required easily accessible funds will be caught as a deposit at time that rental. Unused funds will be changed through the credit card processor after auto return. early out to financial institution processing it have the right to take between 2 to 5 days come appear earlier on her account as soon as using this form of payment. NOTE - Fox do not expropriate the miniature crucial tag style credit cards.

Payment policy - Debit Cards

In bespeak to usage a Debit Card together a an approach of payment at Time of Rental the adhering to policy must be met -1. Debit map must have actually a Visa, understand Card or find logo.2. Debit Card and Drivers License have to be in very same name.3. Renters must current a return airline ticket/confirmation - yes, really or electronic ticket in renters name - OR If you execute not present a return airline ticket/confirmation or your major residence is in ~ 150 miles of the rental place FOX will check your credit through Equifax Credit details Services. The inspection is post on the customers credit transaction report and may have an impact on the customers credit transaction evaluation. In the event that a customers credit inquiry fails to accomplish our Debit card criteria, the customer will certainly not be permitted to rent unless they provide a major credit card in their own name. Attend to as stated on renters valid drivers license will certainly be referenced to identify renters major residence.4. Debit Card should have accessible funds to it is in taken together a deposit at time that rental in the amount of - USD/200.00 or approximated amount of rental charges add to USD/100.00 whichever is greater.Credit inspection Thru Equifax - renter stays within 150 mile of rental ar - USD/400.00 plus estimated amount that rental dues to it is in taken together a deposit in ~ time the rental. Rental on a credit inquiry is permitted of auto classes Economy, Compact, Midsize, Standard, Full-size and Minivan only.Upon return of the vehicle unused funds will be returned through the credit card processor. Because of your banks processing standards for Debit card transactions it can take up to 14 days for a credit transaction to appear on your account. FOX will certainly not it is in responsible for any returned examine s or insufficient money charges or bank fees related to this process.
- FOX does not allow rentals making use of a Debit map to include additional drivers to the rental agreement. NOTE - Fox debit map policy complies with all applicable U.S. Federal and State Laws.

VEHICLE RENTALS ORIGINATING IN THE says OF ARIZONA, CALIFORNIA, COLORADO, NEVADA, UTAH and also WASHINGTON deserve to only be thrust within the says of Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Kansas, Nebraska, Nevada, new Mexico, Oklahoma, Oregon, southern Dakota, Texas, Utah, Washington and also Wyoming.

VEHICLE RENTALS ORIGINATING IN THE says OF FLORIDA can only be thrust within the state that Florida.

VEHICLE RENTALS ORIGINATING IN THE STATE the TEXAS have the right to only be driven within the states of Arkansas, Louisiana, new Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas.

FOX vehicles may be driven into Mexico, yet only if you have purchased Mexico Insurance.

Customers may drive a FOX auto into Canada, yet only if the automobile was rented indigenous the FOX Seattle location.

Traveling to Mexico

FOX vehicles are allowed in Mexico cities/states closest to the California and also Arizona borders only once purchasing Mexico Insurance. Please describe the Mexico Insurance ar for the area the coverage the is allowed.


Vehicles must be changed with the very same amount the fuel as at the start of the rental to prevent refueling charges.

Insurance Coverage alternatives by Fox

Please note: this are offered by the supplier straight - in ~ the car rental pickup or by contacting: Fox Reservations: (within USA) toll free: 800.225.4369 Ext.1
(outside USA):310.641.3838 Ext.1

Loss damage Waiver (LDW) FOX supplies to all renters LDW, Loss damage Waiver, i beg your pardon for secondary daily fee relieves the renter of every financial responsibility for the loss or damage to the rental car, as long as the auto is supplied in accordance with the regards to the Rental Agreement. Price - USD/9.00 to USD/23.00 every rental day relying on the vehicle type and rental ar - the specific amount is available with your automobile quote. Rental Liability defense (RLP) primary insurance protecting you versus claims made by 3rd party for bodily injury and/or property damages sustained while operation the rental vehicle, as much as the compelled financial responsibility boundaries of the state in which the automobile is rented. RLP does not cover all instances that may arise while operation a rental vehicle. Expense - USD/12.99 every rental day. note - In Colorado and also Florida vehicles are offered with liability coverage that meets state minimums. The renter is financially responsible because that all loss not spanned under the liability policy including, yet not minimal to the FOX rental vehicles complete value. Supplemental Liability security (SLP) - gives coverage for 3rd party car claims because that the difference between the main liability limits listed under the renters own an individual policy and a preferably combined single limit the one million dollars for bodily injury and/or home damage however does no cover all cases that may arise while operation a rental vehicle. Expense - USD/11.99 come USD/12.99 per rental day depending upon the rental location. personal Accident/Personal impacts Protection (PAC) - personal Accident Coverage offers accidental death and also accidental clinical expense advantage to the renter and also their passenger (s). The death and also medical expense advantage will both pay in enhancement to any type of other coverage that might be applicable come the renter or passengers. An individual Effects Coverage offers minimal protection against damage to an individual effects owned by the renter, and immediate household members of the renter, that permanently reside in the renters household and also are traveling with the renter. Cost - USD/4.99 per rental day.

Baby, Child and also Booster Seats

These have the right to be asked for by emailing info or easier still - reply to her confirmation email. Please advise the period of her baby or child. At this time costs are around $8.99 per day plus neighborhood tax and surcharges.

See more: Final Score Game 7 World Series, Nationals Vs or easier still - reply to her confirmation email. Currently costs room $9.99 per day plus regional tax and also surcharges.