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Be conscious that most rental car companies will placed a temporary organize on your credit card. This serves as a protection deposit come guard versus unexpected charges choose a so late return or second fuel charge. The amount Fox stop on her card relies on number of factors. Here’s what you have to know.

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How lot Does Fox host as a defense Deposit?

The lot Fox hold on your card as a protection deposit counts on the pickup location, kind of car and method of payment. This hold have the right to be anywhere from $150 come a lining $1,000. Therefore, planning ahead is an essential to ensure you perform not go over your credit transaction card border or deplete your financial institution account.

When go Fox Return your Deposit?

After friend return the vehicle, Fox will refund your defense deposit in full. This is noted that there room no extr charges for fuel replacement, so late return or various other incidentals. As soon as you obtain your defense deposit back depends on exactly how you paid.

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As long as girlfriend don’t incur extra charges, Fox will return the security deposit at the end of the reservation. The procedure length relies on the payment method, varying from a few days come a few weeks.

If you pay through a credit card, suppose this protection deposit amount changed within 2-5 business days. Once renting with a debit card, it have the right to take as much as 14 days to obtain the amount.

If girlfriend rent with a credit card

Generally, Fox needs you to have enough availability on your credit card for the approximated rental charges, plus an extra $150.

However, local renters living in ~ 150 miles of certain locations will pay a considerably larger security deposit ranging from $500 to $1,000. These places include: fort Lauderdale, Tampa, Southwest Florida worldwide Airport, Orlando, Miami, Oakland, san Francisco, mountain Jose, las Vegas, Chicago and Salt Lake City.

The above-mentioned variety applies come economy, compact, midsize, standard and also full-size automobile classes. For other types of vehicles, regional renters must have an extra $1,000 accessible in enhancement to the supposed rental charges.

If you rent with a debit card

Fox does permit customers to use Visa, MasterCard and Discover debit cards to pay because that the vehicle at the moment of rental, v the exception of neighborhood renters. If renting with a debit card, you must expect a deposit of $400 in enhancement to the estimated reservation charges.

If you rent v cash

It’s always more challenging to rent a auto with cash only. Fox only enables cash payment from global customers. That Oakland and Phoenix places do not allow cash together a qualifying payment when picking increase the rental. Client paying v cash need to leave a $250 deposit, in enhancement to the supposed rental price.

If you rental in Mexico

When renting with Fox in Mexico, credit transaction card deposits will vary relying on the level the supplemental legal responsibility insurance (SLI) and also loss damages waiver (LDW) girlfriend choose. These extra shop can range anywhere from $100 come 2,500.

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As long as friend did not incur any type of extra charges, Fox will certainly return the amount of the security deposit in ~ the finish of the reservation. Again, the length of time it will take for you to see this lot again counts on the payment method, varying from a few days come a few weeks.

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3 advice for security Your Rental car Transaction

To avoid any kind of financial problems during her reservation, follow this tips prior to your trip:

Remember that Fox will certainly charge between $150 and $1,000 depending on the location, form of car and payment method. Based on your situation, add this lot on peak of what you suppose to pay because that the rental preventive itself. Remember the you will not have accessibility to this funds during the time of the rental and also a duration thereafter. When in doubt, call Fox to check the defense deposit amount.If you are about to hit your credit card limit, call the number top top the earlier of her card to make a fast payment prior to picking up the vehicle. Make certain you have actually a buffer on peak of that to account for any other charges you might incur before getting here at the rental auto office.Check her Fox receipt very closely after dropping turn off the auto to make certain there are no unforeseen charges. Continue to inspect your bank and credit map balances in the days front to certain you receive the complete amount back.