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The costumer business horrible.Pros:No worries with the vehicle.Cons:The costumer business horrible, among the representatives tried to tip me off by forcing me to get include one that an additional representative latter defined we’re not required. Ns really hope your agency make vital changes come the incentives you give your employees and also the cultivate or else you will not only loose existing customers, but potential customers. Know this will be the critical time I ever even think about doing business with this agency and if asked, ns will shot my ideal to aid anyone in search of a rental to steer clean of this company due come my dreadful experience.Reviewed january 8 2020
review fromcheapflights
Only pick if you value your money an ext than yourPros:-low rental price -nice vehicle that was clean and fancier than what i ordered -several civilization i communicated with (shuttle driver, drop turn off guy) seemed nice and friendly -if you have lots of time and also are do the efforts to conserve money, this might be a good option; however, if you room in a hurry or have actually an meeting you require to obtain to, etc. I would imply paying more for a much better experience.Cons:-airport shuttle did not view me even though ns was waving my hand, did not stop; one more one ideal behind likewise did not stop and also look for people; next one came 30 minutes later, not 10 together the agency suggested -we were packed in prefer sardines in the shuttle; lengthy lines once we acquired there -during rental process, I stated I wanted to salary the minimum but the human put the loss of usage fee on still (she did take it off when I asked she to) -car was no ready, yet that operated to mine benefit since there to be a better one they gave me -at fall off, exact same thing; take it forever come drop off, climate forever because that the spaceship to obtain to the airport (some that this to be traffic, but there was likewise another stop before the airport) -in basic just a really time consuming and also unsatisfying experienceReviewed Jun 17 2016
review frompriziv.org
Very negative service never renting indigenous payless or foPros:NothingCons:The rental to be recieved dirty, once calling to expand the host time was 2 hrs to with the LAX branch, really poor customer business by the employee at the airport, Employees were laughing and also talking through each other and also not also worrying around the customers, Payless has a problem of knowledge the different types of vehicles regarding i booked a full size SUV i m sorry is similar to a tahoe but available a Santa Fe instead. On optimal of every that as soon as returning the automobile i was hurt on mine foot by the spike strips at the door i m sorry were just left the end without also a warning come customers about them. Payless and also Fox demands to occupational on a most things.Reviewed Mar 14 2017
review frompriziv.org
Cons:I was diagnosed together having had COVID the day before my trip and also tried come cancel yet was not permitted to no one was i refunded. I will never use them again.Reviewed may 14 2020
review frompriziv.org
Pros:They no rented me a automobile because I had international driver license and also I didnt had a flight ticket. Ridiculus. I've lost $80 as I payment upfront online and te booking was no refundableCons:They no rented me a auto because I had international driver license and also I didnt had a trip ticket. Ridiculus. I've shed $80 as I paid upfront online and also te booking was not refundableReviewed may 26 2020
review frompriziv.org
Pros:Pick up and cleanliness of automobile were good.Cons:Customer company lines in ~ fox to be horrible. I necessary questions answered through urgency and no one ever before picked up.Reviewed Jul 20 2020
Pros:staff to be okCons:car smelled favor a homeless person had actually it before me, resting in the car.. I was ~ above a roadway trip and had to smell this for 1 week!!! was disgustingReviewed Jul 22 2020
Pros:Easy to acquire in and also outCons:The auto was rickety. Customer service is minimal.Reviewed Dec 19 2020
Cons:Everything is a fee. Not an extremely understanding civilization or useful customer serviceReviewed Sep 11 2020
Pros:Nothing!Cons:They could’ve had actually my vehicle that I booked waiting top top me. Isn’t the the point of a reservation? My trip was late and they offered my RESERVED automobile away. The worst automobile rental location EVER!Reviewed Jul 1 2020
Cons:We waited virtually 2 hours before a auto was ready that was in the class I originally chose. Other cars were offered, however they were much inadequate so us waited. The staff was polite and also were working through what was coming in as much as cleaned cars. We just inspected each one and also rejected them and waited. Numerous cars were bad performers in handling or gas economy- 10th in the perform of 10 for the type/class that cars and also we required something better. Us praised the one young lady that stayed with it and also even assisted us through the ignition the the auto we ultimately were offered and was acceptable- every the others left since we didn’t select the an initial cars offered. She was youngest, so probably the enlarge agents passed us off come the youngest and also lowest on the totem pole. No matter, we politely waited and also she stayed and also we were, in time, satisfied. A auto in an excellent shape (one was offered with a separated bumper!) finally came into the hanger thankfully. The whole process was just long and also we saw plenty of customers come and also go over the two hours.Reviewed Jul 28 2020

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Car to be only great thingPros:The car was great!Cons:The mrs “helping” us upon examine in. Awful service, the mrs was rude and unapologetic. An extremely horrible experience and I don’t gain upset easy and also this was one of the worst experiences. I’ve remained in the Hospitality market 15 years and she was the the opposite of an employee girlfriend would want in the front dealing with customers. Certain ludacris. To add to optimal it turn off she twin or triple charged my dads card, “denied us” indigenous paying v his card because he want present so ns tried paying v my card and ran it, when checking my credit card explain there was no charge and she ended up charging his card again. Just absolutely ridiculous.Reviewed Dec 4 2018