Emmanuel Acho has been selected as Jason Whitlock’s replacement on FS1 series “Speak because that Yourself.” He’ll sign up with Marcellus Wiley top top a “revamped” variation of the sports dispute show.

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“Emmanuel is the perfect fit for the Fox sporting activities family since he is thoughtful, inspiring and also passionate,” Charlie Dixon, executive, management vice president of content at FS1, said in a explain on Wednesday. “He has already achieved an extraordinary quantity of success in his quick broadcasting career, and also we all firmly believe this is just the reminder of the iceberg.”

“To join the Fox sports family and have the chance to co-host among the many notable sports talk reflects in sporting activities entertainment is an pure dream come true,” Acho said. “Marcellus is like a large brother come me, he’s provided tremendous advice transparent this process, therefore I’m beyond eager to begin working with him.”

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Wiley joined “Speak because that Yourself” in September 2018. The new duo begin their tenure together on Monday, June 22. “Speak for Yourself,” which airs in ~ 3 p.m. Top top FS1, introduced in 2016 v Whitlock and Colin Cowherd together co-hosts.

Acho, a former skilled linebacker, to be taken in the sixth round the the 2012 NFL draft by the Cleveland Browns following a four-year university career with the Texas Longhorns. After ~ spending four seasons in the NFL, mostly with the Philadelphia Eagles, he transitioned right into broadcasting as an analyst because that the Longhorn Network in 2016.

Acho, who has recently hosted video collection “Uncomfortable Conversations with a black Man,” do the jump to ESPN in 2018. That holds a bachelor’s degree in sports management and also a master’s degree in sporting activities psychology indigenous The college of Texas in ~ Austin.

The ESPN alum freshly spoke about racial bias and inequality through priziv.org’s Sharon Waxman Tuesday during a webinar titled “Allies Unite: addressing a damaged System and Using her Platform because that Change.”

“I don’t attend to the exact same hurt and also pain in my heart as result of years upon years of slavery, however nonetheless I’m clothed in a 6’2” 240-pound black frame and also so as soon as I step outside I’m still perceived as a threat and so i realized there’s a disconnect,” claimed Acho. “Let’s contact it what the is: There’s a disconnect in between our white brothers and sisters and our black brothers and sisters and also it’s since of limited exposure.”

'OJ: do in America': 10 crucial Moments in Simpson's Life before ESPN's Groundbreaking Doc (Photos)


Director Ezra Edelman"s Oscar-winning docuseries "O.J.: make in America" is a to mark of ESPN"S "30 because that 30" franchise that will re-air beginning Tuesday, march 24. priziv.org looked back at crucial moments top top O.J. Simpson"s timeline.


Simpson was chosen by the Buffalo receipt in the very first round of the NFL draft in 1969. In 1973, he became the an initial player in league history to sirloin for more than 2,000 yards in a season

Sports Illustrated

Still in ~ the height of his fame, Simpson was arrested in 1994 in link with the killing of his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and also her friend, Ron Goldman, adhering to a highly-publicized police chase in a white Ford Bronco.

ABC News

The Brown family members filed a wrongful fatality civil lawsuit against Simpson. That was discovered guilty through a civil jury in 1997 and sentenced to pay the family members $33.5 million in damages.


In 2007, Simpson and a team of men stormed right into a ras Vegas hotel room after O.J. learned a male in the room to be trying to offer memorabilia from Simpson"s sports career. He was convicted that kidnapping and armed robbery, for which he was sentenced come 33 years.

In 2013, the Nevada Parole board granted Simpson parole on his armed robbery conviction. That will continue to be incarcerated until at the very least 2017, however, on various other charges.

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priziv.org looks earlier at vital milestones in the life the the NFL star-turned who went ~ above to come to be an accused murderer, and now a convicted equipped robber

Director Ezra Edelman"s Oscar-winning docuseries "O.J.: do in America" is a highlight of ESPN"S "30 because that 30" franchise that will certainly re-air starting Tuesday, march 24. priziv.org looked earlier at key moments top top O.J. Simpson"s timeline.