Experiencing issues streaming occasions on priziv.org? below are part guidelines to resolve some typical problems. If you’re having trouble streaming an occasion on her computer, tablet or associated device, please testimonial our Frequently inquiry Questions

If experiencing any kind of difficulties streaming an event, you re welcome make sure that her popup blockers are disabled. If you room still unable to clock the event, it can also be viewed on FOX.com

The live currently is supported on the most common modern browsers only: recent versions that Chrome, Firefox, Safari (Mac), Internet traveler 11 and also Edge. Speed Player is required for playback.

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How to download Flash

If you carry out not already have Flash set up you deserve to install the from https://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/

How to permit Flash

Jump to: Chrome | Internet explorer | Firefox | Safari | Edge



For more info visit: Google Chrome Help

Internet Explorer

Click the tools symbol in the upper-right edge of her browser. It will look choose a gear. Select manage add-ons native the drop down menu.


Click “Toolbars and also Extensions” in the brand-new window the appears. In the “Show” bar, make sure that “All Add-ons” is selected.


Select “Shockwave flash Object”, and also press the allow button.



From your Mozilla Firefox food selection (Three bars in the Upper right corner) select Add-ons.


Click the extensions tab on the left, then find “Flash and video clip Download” (Windows) or “Shockwave Flash” in your list the extensions, and click the “Enable” button



In the Safari Menu, click “Preferences”


Click ~ above the “Websites” tab.

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Confirm the “Adobe speed Player” is checked under the Plug-Ins section.

Finally, make sure that “priziv.org” is permitted and set to “on”



Click the “More” icon in the peak right of her browser and also select “Settings”