With the 2014-15 NFL periods right around the corner and also preseason currently in full stride, fantasy football fans are likely gearing increase for another hard-fought year. Fantasy soccer in some ways is an ext important to plenty of casual fans 보다 the really game, and also you’ll desire to be as prepared as feasible to win your league this year.

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Whether you taste victory favor I did critical year, or experienced a destructive loss as result of injuries, it’s time to begin fresh through a brand new Fantasy football roster complete of talent.

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When it concerns Fantasy soccer on Android, apps room a dime a dozen. Lots are obtainable on the Google Play save with damaging user interfaces, absence the features or news you must keep girlfriend on her toes and also your team all set for the week, or just generally don’t sell much. However, listed below are a couple of of the many apps I’ve offered in the past, and will surely provide information, tips, hints, and evaluation to assist you out this year through Fantasy Football.


Ahhh. I can’t wait for constant season come begin, and surely I’m no alone. Draft day is easily approaching for numerous of friend Fantasy players, and also there’s apps for the too. Obviously keeping up through all the latest news, trades, and injuries will be key, yet having a few apps full of details and news will have you ready all year long.

My young Eddie Lacy for the Packers will certainly be prepared to operation over defenses again this year, and also Aaron Rodgers is poised to have fantastic year following his horrible injury last year that virtually cost me my Fantasy organization trophy.

Below is a list of the best fantasy football apps because that those on Android, in no particular order, yet they’re every worth at least exploring to see if they can offer girlfriend a competitive advantage.


NFL currently is a brand brand-new app released this year by the official NFL companies account, and also it has actually a lot to offer. That will largely be your own an individual NFL Network for any solitary team, yet can also aid you out v fantasy stats. You can follow your team, or your whole fantasy team, all in one app.

NFL Now has hundreds the video, brand-new content daily, and also will it is in curated to exactly what friend select. It delivers content best from the main NFL Network, and will surely be one app you’ll desire to have actually installed. It also featured NFL currently Fantasy matchups and also more. NFL currently – Download

Team stream by Bleacher Report

If friend don’t follow Bleacher Report on Twitter, or have their site bookmarked ~ above your computer system or Android smartphone, you’re lacking out on some of the best and fastest sporting activities coverage around. Not simply the NFL. The being said, the main Bleacher Report Team currently Android application is important for my daily sports news and also coverage. I open up it every morning, to it is in honest.


Not only have the right to you choose which sporting activities you desire to gain news from, but which team, and also which kind of news. They break everything down, have actually tons of customization because that what notifications will alert you, and also much more. Open a stream anytime to uncover scores, following games, videos and also even more stories for your groups from neighborhood newspapers, websites, blogs, Twitter, and Bleacher Report.

Last year they added a Fantasy Tracker, and also it’s a little tedious to add all her players, but once you do they’ve give you details, stats, descriptions, and also even matchup info all year long. They do but let you import your Yahoo! Fantasy team, however that’s the only one supported thus far. You can’t walk wrong with Team Stream. Bleacher Report – Download

NFL Mobile

Next up has to be NFL Mobile. Also though many of the features that make this application worth the download (like watching gamings live) call for you to be a Verizon Wireless subscriber, that still provides plenty to anyone else. The app was redesigned for the 2014-15 season, and is all set to deliver any and also as lot content together you’d ever need.


The application will also let girlfriend stream NFL Networks “Fantasy Live” if you’re a Verizon user, together with tons of other things catered roughly Fantasy players. The borders to one carrier space awful, yet that’s just how it has to be because that now. NFL mobile – Download

NFL Fantasy Football

Many human being use ESPN, Yahoo, or others because that Fantasy leagues, but if you’re an main NFL.com Fantasy football user you’ll be extremely happy come hear this year they’ve redesigned the app. It to be a hoax for the past two years, like Tebows throw motion, and nearly useless on range of Android smartphones and tablets.

It also offers live draft ideal on the go, definition you deserve to do your NFL.com Fantasy draft from the app. However, uneven it’s leaps and bounds far better than last year, I’d recommend a PC and also a stable link so you don’t blow your #1 or also #7 pick. NFL’s official app has straightforward team management, scores, highlights, details, matchups, transactions, and also even the choice to regulate multiple groups with ease. Many team management was a mess before, and also it shows up a straightforward pop-down food selection will make this much simpler in 2014. NFL Fantasy soccer 2014 – Download

ESPN Fantasy App

The ESPN application is other I’ve offered for the past three years, and while the wasn’t pretty or all that fancy, the worked very well. Moving approximately players was simple enough, and seeing details ~ above injury reports with updates from ESPN.com to be a breeze. Everything is still included this year, along with tons of brand-new features and a totally redesigned layout. The still watch a little bit odd, but shows up to be very simple.


It’s a different download completely (for part odd reason) so don’t expect an update to arrive, you’ll have to uninstall the old and also get the brand-new with our connect below.

The new ESPN FFL application is very simple, clean, and minimalistic. Focused on her team, and also only your team. Offer it a shot and great luck this year guys. ESPN Fantasy football – Download

NFL Fantasy Cheat sheet $4.99

If girlfriend really gain into her Fantasy as lot as i do, yet need a small help to it is in a winner, there’s an official NFL Fantasy Cheat Sheet. It’s $4.99 for the season, and if you’d favor all the help you can acquire in one convenient and also easy to usage app, this is it. Ns won’t be paying because that it, however many might want to inspect it out and see exactly how they choose it. There’s a 2-hour return window on Android app purchases.


This app features an extremely deep scoring device for players, no just based on raw number or position. Definition it could considerably improve your draft work experience, and also Fantasy team because that the whole year. If you’re up because that it, offer it a try. NFL Cheat paper – Download

Fantasy alarm Football

If you’re prefer me and tinker about all week v your team, climate can’t consist of your psychic Sunday morning prior to kickoff, you’ll need this app. Press notifications offer you an ext details from variety of resources than many other apps, and also you’ll gain updated and also injury alerts almost as shortly as it’s known to the world.

The app’s up-to-the-second team changes, breaking news, and rumors will continue to keep you updated with whatever you’ll require to know all week, and all year. Best of every you have the right to now sync her roster ideal to the app from all significant league monitoring providers including CBS, Yahoo, ESPN, NFL, RTFS, MFL, Fleaflicker and also more. This makes it fast, easy, and also best of every it’s free. Fantasy alarm Football – Download

Yahoo! Sports and Yahoo Fantasy

Yahoo! sporting activities is still mine favorite app when it involves checking game times, scores, and also stats. I pull that up and it instantly remembers my team, the sports I’m watching throughout any details time the the year, and much more. It’s all customizable, and also rather convenient. That and I’ve used it because that years so just keep making use of it.

I set reminders for game start, scoring alerts, game end alerts, and even details because that each score regarding fantasy players. It has actually all this best inside the app. But if you set too numerous apps come alert you for each game, your phone will certainly be walking off every Sunday, so use caution and remember what does what.

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Then the Yahoo Fantasy soccer & an ext app is more than likely one the my various other favorites. It’s clean, fast, stable, and just basic to use. You’ll have the ability to watch all her Yahoo NFL Fantasy moves as they happen, do roster changes, and much an ext using this app. Combine this v Yahoo! Sports and you should be set. Don’t forget to perform a few mock drafts before the huge day, either. Yahoo! sports – Download / Yahoo Fantasy – Download


Of course this are simply a few of many, but you may likewise want to inspect out RotoWire, TheScore, Fantasy Football draft Kit, and also tons of various other apps from CBS, Fox, and also all the other providers. There’s loads of content, you just need to uncover it and also use it to your advantage.

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