What is FOX sports Go?

FOX sporting activities Go is a cost-free streaming app that comes with your subscription to specific streaming providers, including AT&T TV, fuboTV, Hulu + Live TV, Sling TV, and also YouTube TV. That means it’s no actually a standalone streaming platform, yet an add-on the you obtain through one more subscription come a streaming organization or through your cable provider. Ideal of all, it costs nothing.

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With access to your favorite regional sports, FOX sports Go permits you come stream wherever you are, any time. Just log in using your present TV provider or streaming platform credentials, and also you have the right to start watching live sports at no cost.

FOX sports Go plans and pricing

FOX sports Go
Available contentRSNs; MLB, NBA, NHL and NCAA coverage
Streaming qualityDepends on TV provider or streaming service
Live streamingYes

FOX sports Go supported devices

FOX sports Go can be enjoyed on her laptop or desktop. And you can additionally download the application to compatible clever TVs, mobiles, and tablets, including most iOS and Android gadgets so the you can watch that on-the-go.

Here’s the complete list of gadgets that Fox sporting activities Go is compatible with:

Amazon Fire OS and also FireTVAndroid mobile and also TVApple MacApple TVBrowsers, including Chrome, Firefox, net Explorer, Microsoft Edge, and also SafariiPad, iPhone, and also iPodRokuWindows PCs and tabletsXbox One

What to watch on Fox sports Go

FOX sports Go offers a range of live TV, replays, and highlights so you have the right to watch all of your favorite sporting action. However, the games you have access to depends on your location – it’s tailored to your FOX regional Sports Network, therefore you might not have every channel available.

You can pick from the complying with categories ~ you’ve logged in:

Live TVReplaysHighlights

You can also filter through sports that room live now, featured, and upcoming.

Programming contains live sporting activities such together MLB, NASCAR, NBA, and also NHL. Friend can additionally watch plenty of live baseball, basketball, boxing, college football, and soccer, including NCAA action.

Some live channels are lacking from the FOX sports Go app, though. Come stream BRN, Deportes, FOX, FS1, FS2, you’ll should watch through the FOX Sports app or ~ above the FOX sporting activities website instead.

You likewise get plenty of replays and highlights to enjoy, too. There room replays of very first Things First, The Journey: big Ten Football, TMZ Sports, and WWE Friday Night Smackdown, so girlfriend don’t have to miss out. Highlights incorporate basketball, football, soccer, and an essential interviews through players and also managers for extra insight into the sporting world.

FOX sports Go features

Features choose simultaneous connections and cloud DVR storage depend on the streaming provider friend choose. The also way costs vary, too.

To watch FOX sporting activities Go on at & t TV, you’ll need the an option package that prices $54.99/mo. This comes with 500 hrs of cloud DVR storage, so you deserve to download and also re-watch content, and 1 coincided stream. You acquire other streaming services favor Epix, HBO, and Starz included with your subscription.

fuboTV’s an easy package expenses $54.99/mo. Through a seven-day cost-free trial and access to FOX sporting activities Go. With this plan, you have 2 coincided streams and 30 hrs of cloud DVR storage. You additionally get thousands of other channels, too, including sports native FS2, NBCSN, and also NFL Network.

Hulu + Live TV offers 1 plan that costs a flat rate of $54.99/mo, with access to FOX sports Go. There’s a one-week complimentary trial, so girlfriend can shot it out at no expense first. Your plan comes v 2 simultaneously streams, 50 hrs of cloud DVR storage, and over 60 other channels. You have the right to upgrade to unlimited screens and also 200 hours cloud DVR storage because that an extra $9.99/mo. Each.

Sling TV has 3 different plans, yet you’ll need to sign up because that the Sling Blue package at $30/mo. To acquire FOX sporting activities Go. Your very first month is discounted by $10, return there’s no cost-free trial. You can likewise choose the Sling Blue & Orange package because that $45/mo. If you want FOX sports Go alongside all the other entertainment, comedy, and news channels.

With a Sling TV subscription, you get 10 hrs of cloud DVR warehouse included, but you have the right to upgrade to 50 hrs for $5/mo. Extra. Sling Blue additionally comes through 3 simultaneously connections, yet if you chose the combined package, you acquire 4.

YouTube TV has actually just 1 plan and, it costs $49.99/mo. Alongside accessibility to FOX sports Go, you gain even much more FOX channels such as FOX, FS1, and FS2. You also have endless cloud DVR therefore you have the right to record and watch earlier as lot as friend like. You deserve to keep recordings for up to 9 months. And also you have the right to watch your favorite local sports top top 3 that your devices simultaneously.

The Fox sports Go app (with whichever streaming provider girlfriend choose) additionally comes with extra functions like non-Wi-Fi streaming. You have the right to stream making use of your mobile data, yet remember the charges apply if you walk over her data allowance. You have the right to also readjust your Wi-Fi settings to Wi-Fi-only streaming if friend don’t want to danger eating far at your data.

The last cut

If you’re already a subscriber to a streaming service like fuboTV or Sling TV, you have the right to start watching FOX sporting activities Go completely free. There’s no cost to add it to her subscription, which way you have the right to find all of your favourite live sports, replays, and highlights at any time you require them. Yet you do require to inspect which networks are available in her area, together FOX sports Go just supports regional channels.

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Not sure which provider to walk for? Think about how much cloud DVR warehouse you need and the variety of devices you want to clock FOX sports Go across. One of two people way, it’s fully free, therefore it’s a win-win situation.